The Corona Diaries – Day 426

This one is a little late! That’s because it was a hectic day yesterday. It felt like lockdown was over. Our grandchildren came to stay. Suddenly the house felt full of noise and chaos.

Over the course of the last 425 days we’ve been on our own, in a little bubble, isolated away from the world. Apart from meeting up occasionally with friends and family to go for walks we’ve been on our own.

The days have been a repeating pattern. Very productive in many ways. We’ve worked on the house, written, read and walked in nature. Even when seeing friends and family it has been outside and we’ve gone straight back into our bubble.

Over the weekend that changed. Having people inside felt strange. The house was alive and bouncing. Our pattern was shattered.

We went for a walk up my hill – a great straggly group with kids whining about it being too far – we played football – and the rest of the family dropped in. It felt like a football crowd!!

It felt like it was constant cooking, clearing up and putting away. Games, football, table tennis. It was nonstop. I played the grandkids some Howlin’ Wolf. They did not seem impressed!!!

The serenity of our lives was blown to pieces. It’s going to take me a while to adjust.

It felt good though!

Is this the end??? Or the beginning??

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