Poetry – The Same

The Same

Every day is the same –

A familiar comfortable pattern –

Like slipping into a warm glove,

Sitting beside a winter’s fire,

Slipping on an old moppy jumper.

Life has its routine:

We dress and bathe,

Toilet and eat,

Do our chores,

Partake of leisure, work and friends.

We read, write and go about our business

As if the sun will always rise.

Nothing changes –

At least the changes are gradual,

And only glimpsed with disbelieving eyes

As distance gives perspective,

As years slip slowly past.

Then one day it is different

And things will never be the same again.

Opher 5.9.2017

So many events change life forever – death, illness, migration, war, loss of a job, retirement………………..

One minute your world is running along smoothly and the next it is turned upside down and there’s no way back.

These last few years have seen so many of my friends thrown into chaos. All their plans burnt before their eyes. They have to regather and take a deep breath. Then they have to plan how to go forward from where they are now.

We all await the change that will radically alter our lives. It is coming. It lurks in the back of our minds.

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