The Pornography Wars – backcover blurb

Whaty do you think? Does it give too much away?

The Pornography Wars – backcover blurb

The Pornography Wars takes political satire and social comment (with a liberal dash of humour) into a new dimension.

Is human history nothing more than a film set for an alien pornographic soap opera?

Is all human culture nothing more than an alien psych-master’s program?

What happens when the aliens argue over the future of pornography on their tridee sets?

What is going to happen to the future of human beings?

3 thoughts on “The Pornography Wars – backcover blurb

  1. Opher, I think the first of your four questions does give a little bit too much away. I think the second could also be re-phrased – shouldn’t the “psych-masters” be in the plural?

    But otherwise, it seems to fit the bill… as long as the revised ending answers the last question!

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