The Corona Diaries – Day 422

I went out for my walk up my hill early this morning. It was beautiful warm sunshine with fluffy white clouds against a deep blue sky. A buzzard was circling, curlews were calling in the field. Siskins, gold finches and long-tailed tits flitted in the hedges and trees. The view was clear all the way over to the sea.

I returned home before the thunder storms swept through with torrential rain and hail.

I set about retrieving poems that my computer had lost due to a ‘computer update’. I had lost a good dozen! I had to recover them off my blog which took an hour or so. After that I’ve been editing my Sci-fi book and hit a troublesome section that I’ve had to largely rewrite. Getting there slowly.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we are received the usual quality of leadership and competence we have come to expect.

Honestly – a troupe of baboons could do better!

One minister says that it’s safe to go abroad to green and amber countries. Another says that all foreign travel should be off this year. Johnson actually said (following last weeks opening up of foreign travel) that now travellers will be fined.

Talk about a bunch of incompetent twerps. The Indian variant has got all their heads in a spin.

It is dire. It will cause us not to open back up.

It is seemingly not dire enough to stop travel in from India though. They are still coming! Not only that but they are not being segregated! People are coming in from red zone countries (full of variant) and mingling with people from green zone countries for hours! Is that madness or is it madness?? Still!! Even though they are panicking about the variant!

There is plenty of capacity at the airports. They are only operating at a fraction of capacity. But:

a. The government has still not released a directive

b. The airport won’t open other terminals to segregate the red list passengers because it costs money to open a terminal!

For Fuck’s Sake!!!! Isn’t this a no-brainer???? How much does it cost to open extra terminals as opposed to shutting down the fucking country?????

The Indian variant is on the rampage here precisely because they did not shut down the border and quarantine people coming in from red list countries such as India!!

Don’t this bunch of buffoons learn anything????

I’ll spell it out:



Why are we still having people coming in?? Why are they not being segregated??? Why are they not being properly quarantined???

If the government has the power to shut the country down at a second’s notice they surely have the power to instruct the ports to strictly isolate potentially lethal passengers!!!

Are they completely nuts??? Is this rocket science??? There are imbeciles who could work this out!!!

So now we have hundreds of dead bodies floating in the Ganges. We have the Indian variant lose and out of control. We have a threat to future unlocking. We have mixed messages on travel. We still have people swarming into the country from red list countries without proper control. We have proposed lockdowns in Bolton and 50 other areas with resultant threats of rioting. Cummings accuses the government of lying and incompetency. There is open war in the cabinet. We have a government running round in circles doing impersonations of headless chickens.

I suppose it’s all the same as usual!!

Incredibly a whole bunch of people elected these twats!! A whole bunch of people still, despite all the evidence to the contrary, think they are doing a good job!

I’m not one of them. I think these are the most incompetent, corrupt, lying bunch of inept fools that have ever been elected!!

I would vote for them to run a boating pond!

Stay safe!! Things can only get worse!!

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