Poetry – Brexit in Bed with two Possibilities

Brexit in Bed with two Possibilities

Soft or hard;

In or out;

Political Viagra

Is what it’s all about.

We don’t want it hard

It would be too stiff.

It’s better soft

Not off that cliff.

Hard or soft;

Out or in;

We’re all stuffed

And it’s a sin.

Opher 9.6.2017

I thought a bit of fun and a cheeky bit of sexual innuendo was appropriate for this serious business of Brexit.

Brexit is proving a lot messier than sex but the outcomes are just as serious. It could greatly affect your future and your health just as much as a pregnancy or a STD.

What is obvious is that it is not going well but all that should have been obvious from the beginning. Relationships rarely break up with any winners – everyone suffers. By hell we are all going to suffer from Brexit. Already it has cost us dear and when we have finally done it and our economy dives, our house prices dive, our jobs evaporate, and prices soar; when our country loses influence in the world; when people realise that bad can become worse; when the fascists march in your street – then people might wake up to the fact that we’ve been led up the garden path by a bunch of extreme nationalists and we’re all fucked.

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