Poetry – I Was But Now

I Was But Now

I once was an elephant

And kept my dreams in a trunk.

I once was a crocodile

With a tale in my tail.

I once was a giraffe

With my head in the clouds.

I once was a hippo

Wading through the depths.

But now I’m a man

Whose thoughts fill the world.


I Was But Now

This was nothing but a bit of fun. I was playing with words and ideas – trunks and tails. But then there was the glimmer of some greater depth of meaning.

These days we blog and our thoughts are transmitted to the very ends of the world instantly. Ideas are dangerous. They can catch fire and transform society. They can enrage, calm or excite.

Ideas are the thing that man does best.

We are desperate for some new ideas.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – I Was But Now

  1. As I read ‘I was but now’ and listened to yet more disturbing news from Israel, I was prompted to play this.

    GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – Plastic Ono Band (official music video HD) – YouTube

    Is anyone really listening?


    1. I really do not understand what is happening in the psyche of people. There is a strange zeitgeist at work. The division, violence and right-wing aggression. Vile. Is it the internet? Social media? Something’s feeding it.

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