The Corona Diaries – Day 415

It still feels warm compared to the last month or so! That’s good. I don’t like the cold!

I spent the morning shopping for carpet and paint! Sounds like I’m going to be put to work shortly! I hate shopping. I can’t think of much worse than trailing round shops looking at carpets! (well I can actually – but it felt like a waste of a morning).

I went to the dentist. I had a filling drop out and it sounds like a big job to get it fixed – lots of drilling. I’m organising a mortgage. Liz also needs major work! We might need to sell the house!

Back home I consoled myself by playing Chuck Berry and replying to George Rehema who is a Christian. He seems to think I need saving. I think he’s brainwashed.

I wrote a bit on religion and a piece on politics. After I complete this I will go and start editing. Then I shall finish reading one of my books. I’ve got three on the go.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – The Labour Party is back to pulling itself apart, the Tories are doling out money to their rich chums and lying about it, the media are telling lies and life is pretty much normal. India and Brazil are still going nuts. The virus is rampant. The USA still has 34,084 new cases with 693 deaths. The UK still has 2,474 new cases with 20 deaths. The virus hasn’t gone away. But that doesn’t stop people from thinking of summer holidays abroad. Pick up the variant and put us back to square 1.

It seems that the economy is recovering – so that’s OK.

Life goes by in the sky. Nothing to do with you or I.

The WHO report was interesting:

‘The panel argued that the WHO’s Emergency Committee should have declared the outbreak in China an international emergency a week earlier than it did.

It should have done so at its first meeting on 22 January last year, the report said, instead of waiting until 30 January.

The month following the WHO’s declaration was “lost” as countries failed to take appropriate measures to halt the spread of the virus.

The WHO was then hindered by its own regulations that travel restrictions should be a last resort, the panel said, adding that Europe and the US wasted the entire month of February and acted only when their hospitals began to fill up.’

If China and the WHO had acted quicker it could have been contained!

The UK and USA did not take it seriously, ignored the WHO and wasted a whole month.

They should have closed borders!

What they are basically saying is that the complacency of Johnson, Bolsonaro, Trump, Modi and Erdogan has killed hundreds of thousands.

I think we knew that!

I hope people are taking notes. Things have to be better for the next one!

Johnson says they’ll be a public enquiry in Spring 2022. I bet I know who will be running it too and who will be found not guilty in the slightest!

Stay safe!!