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The FRUIT of Boris Johnson’s Brexit!!


First there’s the enormous cost – thousands of lawyers, bureaucrats and customs officers, carparks, customs facilities and endless paperwork.

Then there’s the hit to the economy – firms going bust, job losses, firms fleeing

Then there’s the red-tape, restrictions and loss of opportunity

Then there’s the loss of cooperation, duplication of systems

Then there is the bitterness and anger as we makes enemies out of friends

Then there are all the lengthy negotiations as we extricate ourselves.

Then there are the trade barriers, tariffs, extra checks, paperwork, extra costs and price rises

Then there’s the break up of the UK into four lesser nations – each of them less prosperous with less power

Now we are sending gunboats against France

One of the main reasons for the EU was to create cooperation and link people together to prevent there being further wars in Europe.

I hope that people think that putting an inept clown like Johnson with his Eton Bullingdon boys in charge and reclaiming sovereignty was worth it.

I think it stinks.

All of Project Fear – as Cummings labelled it – is becoming real.

We’ll be at war with Germany next!!

Where are all these benefits? All I can see is that my rights and freedoms have been curtailed, my costs have gone up and we have a twerp in charge!

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