The Corona Diaries – Day 409

It is still remarkably cold. It’s been weird. We’ve had this for weeks. It’s dry and sunny but very cold. Quite strange. This global warming is proving to have very strange effects.

I somehow pulled a calf muscle. I don’t know how. What a nuisance prior to the Tokyo Olympics!! It means I am now unlikely to compete!

I hobbled up my hi;ll yesterday but decided that it would be best to confine myself to the flat so I hobbled around the village. It’s pathetic!

I went out to vote today. It’s a pointless exercise here. We are a Tory stronghold. I find that hard to believe when I look at some of the sorry looking people who live round here. But I reside among the brainwashed. For some reason that I cannot quite comprehend these people think that a bunch of overprivileged millionaires whose hobbies include giving multimillion pound contracts to their chums, spending a couple of hundred thousand decorating their flats, piling their cash off-shore in tax-free havens and buying new penthouse suites, actually represent their interests.

There is no fathoming out the stupidity of human beings.

But I always vote. I know my history. People died in order for us to be able to vote. I think if they saw what most people do with their vote they wouldn’t have bothered.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our deaths are still low. The Indian variant does not appear to be evading the vaccine. So that is good news. There is talk of opening up completely, doing away with facemasks and getting back to normal. I’m fine with that. I’ve been vaccinated. It will be two weeks after my second jab tomorrow. My risks are exceedingly low. The fear is for the unvaccinated. If we open up it is them who become at greater and greater risk. The death rate among the unvaccinated with go through the roof. Our hospitals could get jammed up again! We could even have another lockdown.

Let’s hope not. After all, (I say sarcastically) we’ve got Dido Harding and her £37 billion to mop up and outbreaks.

Out in India the virus is approaching half a million a day. People are dying in the streets.

In Brazil it is worse than ever. I hope it gets rid of Bolsonaro!

It looks like Summer travel is on. There will be a number of countries with low infection rates that we will be allowed to without quarantine. It will be strange packed together in planes, standing in long lines and having that level of contact again. It won’t bother me. I’m vaccinated, but it will be dangerous for the unvaccinated and kids. I suppose they’ll have to be tested.

Vaccine passports are required for most if not all travel. Good thing too!

Our quarantine rules are far too lax. People are evading it by flying via other countries. Not good.

The sooner the whole world is vaccinated the better. That means that pharma companies need to share and set up more vaccine production sites around the world. While the virus is raging it is mutating and producing more variants. Not good! We need the world to be vaccinated and quick!

Right now I’m off to play some Beefheart and do some writing!!

Stay safe!!

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