Today’s Music to keep me SssSsaaaAAaAnnnnNnneEeeEE in Isolation – Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks

After his golden period in the sixties Bob went downhill as far as I’m concerned. This album was a return to form. I’ll enjoy playing it today.

Bob Dylan 1975 Blood On The Tracks – YouTube

266 thoughts on “Today’s Music to keep me SssSsaaaAAaAnnnnNnneEeeEE in Isolation – Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks

  1. What does the mitzva of Tzitzit teach?  The 2nd paragraph of kre’a shma: “ובלכתך בדרך” links the mitzva of tefillin together with the mitzva of tzitzit, as commanded in the 3rd paragraph of the kre’a shama.  All Torah mitzvot command mussar.  What mussar does the language of: “וראיתם אתו וזכרתם את כל מצות” come to teach?  In our ובלכתך בדרך walk as the chosen brit Cohen nation, the Torah commands us to search for the אצבע אלהים/finger of HaShem within our lives.  All mitzvot learn from the mitzva of tzitzit on this score.  Remembering with thanks giving the “finger of God” within and throughout our lives defines the k’vanna of all the תרי”ג Commandments.

      1. People who possess intelligence: tzitzit matters. For noise makers like yourself ehhh! Who cares what noise noise makers make.

      2. Your stream of racist abuse just reflects on you. Fascism and racism is probably the worst aspect of human nature – along with violence and cruelty. You arrogantly exhibit it all – an example for others to see.

  2. who cares what a “mosckerr” says, whatever a mosckerr is. Blood on the tracks was sign of Dylan’s return from xtainty and being “country bob.” I remember putting a radio preview disc of “blood” on the air and getting 100 plus phone calls, raving about dylan’s “return” “the spangled dwarf in his bow tie…the infantry that don’t ask why…”

      1. Cheers Jeff – I find it amazing to think that there are people all over the world reading my stuff. That’s weird. But heartening. It is good to make contact with people from different cultures and break down barriers.
        Mosh is my resident fascist. I do find him amusing and it is interesting for me as a writer to gain some insight into that mindset.

      2. Please allow me to educate you yet again. You are such a difficult student. Information fails to stick.
        A denier is someone who denies. A holocaust denier is someone who denies the holocaust took place.
        I firmly believe the holocaust took place and that the Nazis killed around 6 million Jews.
        Now – do you understand??

      3. The preacher preaches dumb ass theology. Idiot Fascists like yourself continually attempt to foist the evil European insanity upon Jews of Israel. This cowardice proves you as a Holocaust denier and a Fascist support.

      1. Bob Dylan the Jewish singer? A Fascist such as yourself likes a Jewish singer and song writer? No. Must refer to some other Dylan who most probably supports a War between Israel and England.

      2. Look in the mirror Moshe. It’s not me who’s racist. I think Bob Dylan the Jewish singer, is probably the best ever!

  3. fascism well explain the attitude. he’s probably been off celebrating the return of fascism to europe, maybe off for a quick goose step around berlin. as a worthless fascisti, maybe it will gag on his armband. “douche, douche, douche…” lol

    1. It is quite likely. His outbursts of extreme racism and attitudes towards Europeans and Palestinians are reminiscent of the German Nazi party. He’d probably be running a concentration camp if he had the opportunity.

      1. A descendant of the loyalist to the Crown Americans who never once there after declared that Washington stole their land. Idiot.

      2. Go on… double dog dare ya … bring a historical reference of post Revolutionary War loyalist to the Crown Americans complaining that general Washington stole their land! LOL. Your propaganda of “stolen land” “stolen land” “stolen land” directly compares to the citizens loyal to the British Crown who lived in America following the victory of the US Continental Army over the Red Coats.

      3. Make up your shit for brains Mind Ass Hat, you condemn all human history for fighting wars and “stealing lands” yet your two faced ASS turns the other cheek, and declares: eh the past is the past. Loser.

      4. The past is the past. War is wrong. Land was stolen. Reparation is required.
        Too hard for you to understand?

      5. I think we’ve already established that all land has been stolen. Nobody owns land. Ownership is theft.

      6. What “post” Moron. Its not my job to post opinions by Jews in the British (back benchers) Labor Party that got its ass spanked in the last General Election.

      7. 2 peas in a pod. Makers of general statements without bringing specific supporting evidence. Ya think too with your dick like Falstaff of Mid Summer Night’s Dream. LOL ya probably so illiterate that the reference does not ring a bell. Google it poochie.

      8. Yo Falstaff maybe you consider that general Washington stole the lands of America from the colonialists who remained faithful to the King? LOL

      9. You don’t want them digging up the graves of all the people Isreal has murdered – that’s all.

      10. Ass Hat thinks he possesses a monopoly over TRUTH. Arrogant fool. He continually confuses contempt for racism. Dumb Ass shit for brains.

      11. I’ve never said that. Many people talk sense. You should try listening to them instead of fascist propaganda.

      12. You listen???? Utter and total nonsense. Never have you quoted exactly what i stated and then responded to it. You, as a rule, ignore any and all responses which reject your dogmatic theological Ass Hat opinions, and continue on oblivious to all objections made to your dumb ass stupidity.

      13. Again the vile subhuman hypocrite totally ignores my comment: with his as[s]inine – “Try listening” dumb ass stupidity.

      14. More racism. One of us is in command of language – the other can only swear and come out with racist crap. Why is it always the idiot who cannot spell, write or think who claims more erudite people are stupid?

      15. Neither me. Racism is what you pour out towards Europeans and Palestinians. It is born or arrogance.

      16. Nope for the Dope … its the result of the Shoah and pogroms and ghettos and theft and slander and murder etc etc etc. Idiot.

      17. I know the law. I also know what is right and what is wrong. I was brought up with morality – properly.

      18. No idiot, the Versailles Treaty imposed guilt upon all Germans following WW1. Post WW2 this guilt now applies to all europeans.

      19. By who’s authority. I do not recognise it.
        There is no authority for racism and fascism. It always stinks.

      20. Nothing excuses racism and fascism.
        BTW – can you please try addressing the topic in the post. That’s what intelligent people do.

      21. Your opinion of Bob Dylan does not interest me in the least. Bob Dylan, a human being; Opher Ass Hat as sub-human moron.

      22. Well at least this reply is semi on track. You do mention Bob Dylan in among the racist crap. That’s an improvement Moshe. Well done.

      23. See ya erased my response so shall add to it – Coward.

        An Israeli Response to the Rome Treaty in General and the International Criminal Court in Particular.

        The Versailles Treaty condemned Germany for total guilt of the deaths, damages, and anguish – resultant of WW1. Britain and France demanded war reparations from Germany consequent to Germany’s invasion of the low countries & France, which caused a chain reaction domino effect of atrocities against humanity.

        Israeli foreign policy – post Shoah – views the EU and Britain, based upon the precedent of the Versailles Treaty, upon this model Israeli diplomats conducts diplomacy with EU States; comparable to how early America sought to establish the Monroe Doctrine as the basis of the United States relations with hostile European empires. 

        European cruelty, injustice and oppression of Jewish refugees for over 2000 years, branches out from ancient Roman imperialism, which originally expelled the Jewish people from our homelands in Judea. Europeans, not just ancient Rome, they bear the mark of Cain – guilty for all eternity, of committing criminal crimes against humanity, black slavery and 19th Century barbarity in Africa serve as degrading examples of European guilt. The Israeli government must hold the European peoples accountable for their mass crimes against humanity. Israel opposes any and all European governments sitting as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. All Europeans, not just the Nazis, lost WW2. Shoah guilt expels all European governments from the ‘Great Powers’ status.

        No European Court ever, not even once, forced  Xtian Church leaders to stand trial for war crimes committed against humanity. Not for the Roma People, nor for differing Xtian sects who opposed the dominant Catholic or Protestant belief system Creeds, nor the blatant injustice of the persecution and cruel murder of women accused of witchcraft – guilty of the crime of healing the sick or serving as midwives! Therefore, the Rome Treaty merits nothing other than total contempt; the ICC has no jurisdiction to judge Jews in general and Israel in particular.

        The key issue of writing a Sefer Torah, the sofer has to write the Name of HaShem לשמה.  Doing a mitzva לשמה requires a subject and a predicate.  The latter informs what the subject does.  For example, P’sach Jews remove all leaven products from their possessions.  Korbanot have a halachic prohibition to switch from one korban type to another korban type.  Tanning the hide of an animal intended by the sofer to write a Sefer Torah: that hide requires a dedication for the purpose of writing a Safer Torah. 

        Therefore what predicate sets the Name of HaShem apart, when the sofer writes the Name לשמה?
        גיטין: המביא גט ממדינת הים, צריך שיאמר בפני נכתב ובפני נחתם
        This opening Mishna describes the services of a notary, an individual officially licensed by a governmental body to perform certain actions in legal matters.  The Rosh did not require the sofer to נחתם an impressed seal whenever the sofer wrote the Name of HaShem.  The masoret of writing a Sefer Torah permits the sofer to inscribe straight lines.  Consequently it appears to me that the language נחתם implies some type of impressed seal, which all notaries employ today.  The notary seal impressed upon the margin of the Torah on the identical line as written the Name of HaShem, serves as evidence that the sofer wrote the Name לשמה.

        However, what precisely defines the k’vanna of the sofer when he writes the Name of HaShem לשמה?  Forty days after the sin of the Golden Calf, on Yom Kippor, Moshe heard the voice of HaShem declare the 13 tohor middot.  Why the second repetition of the Name of HaShem in the revelation that addresses the tohor middot of logic?  The second Name of HaShem comes to teach that the middot thereafter, beginning with אל, that these middot serve as pronoun extensions of the noun HaShem.  Therefore the sofer should set aside 13 specific “Crowns” to precisely indicate which middah of HaShem which the sofer holds as his k’vanna at that moment in time, when he writes the Name of HaShem לשמה.

        A safer Torah which does not נחתם with a defined tohor midda crown, the question stands: what proof exists which testifies that the sofer wrote the Name of HaShem לשמה?  The opening Gemara of גיטין teaches that g’lut Jewry do not know how to do mitzvot לשמה.  Consequently, it appears to me that a sofer has an obligation to prove his k’vanna when he writes the Name of HaShem לשמה.  This requirement which this commentator strongly advises, it compares to the time of Ezra, when he changed the shape of the letters of the א – ב.

      24. Funny the American hunting tribes did not consider land as something a person could own. Oooops go back to grade school Ass Hat.

      25. I have a lot of good Irish Friends. Two are coming round for a meal tomorrow! I’ll ask them what they think of your stupid racism.

      26. Blah blah, let your “friends” for Ireland speak for themselves. You merit no trust to write other than slander and bull shit.

      27. No Bottom, have made a simple comparison. It’s understood that those intellectually challenged have trouble making the jump from Balestinian refugee populations temporarily residing within the borders of the Jewish State, that these stateless refugee people without a country of their own compare to the loser Americans who gave their support to the British Crown during the American Revolution.

        The ability to think logically requires more than thinking with your dick. Ass Hat has never once made the slightest attempt to discredit the comparison of Balestinian stateless refugees to the American loyalists who fled America back to England following the American victory over the British.

      28. False comparison. The European Americans were all invaders into somebody else’s land – The Native Americans. They took it by force. They then squabbled among themselves over taxes.
        The Jews took the land by force from the Palestinians who were living there and displaced them.

      29. I’d love to give freedom to whales. I think hunting whales is barbaric.
        As for the countries of Scotland, Wales and Northern Island – if they had a referendum (which Scotland had recently) and voted to leave they are free to do so. The union is one of mutual benefit and one of choice not imposition.

    1. Because it’s appropriate! It always amazes me how the victims become the victimisers, the bullied become the bullies. I think it’s a mental illness. Human minds are so fragile.

      1. A dumb ass Goy slanders a Jew, surprise surprise — Not. Proof that your bear the mark of Cain. Contempt does not even closely resemble racism.

      2. Lol – sometimes I really question your intelligence. It’s a wonder you can read and write.
        If someone commits a crime calling them a criminal is apt.
        If someone is accused of something simply because of their race – that is racist.
        Can you understand that or is it not simple enough.
        You are a racist because of your arrogant fascist reasoning and accusations against Palestinians and Europeans.

    2. The ‘Producers’ rather excellent comedy. On par with another great picture ‘Blazing Saddles’. Like the scene where the new Sheriff comes to town.

      1. Lol Jeff – I think that fascists don’t realise they are fascists. They just arrogantly think they really are superior to others. Satire goes over their heads.

      2. Pathetic idiot – confuses contempt for racism. Terrible that you suffer from constipation of the brain – Ass Hat.

      1. Exactly – case in point. Though canine brains do not resemble reptilian brains. Canines are homeotherms. The stability of body temperature enables stable chemistry and promotes far greater brain development. Poikilotherms are limited.

  4. hey fascist pig moscareless…you need to suck up to leroy the liar. he’s just a wannabe fascist, and maybe you can help make him a real fascist, not just a mindless trumpist.

      1. I’m so cut to the quick by your intellectual approach to “”insults.” earlier it was your “bet shakespeare reference will throw him, and give me the opportunity to throw the “google it” insult. keep trying, fool moscareless.

      2. Theology literally means ‘thinking about God’. In practice it usually means studying the sources of Christian belief like the Bible and the Creeds, and exploring the meaning of Christianity for today.
        Denying the existence of god can hardly be called theology can it? Honestly.

      3. you seemingly have one play to of “willy shakes” to tout and lift characters from. a limited given his portfolio. I’m still so cut. lol self important fool moscareless.

      4. Now is that meant to be wretch??
        Can I remind you – the topic is Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. Lest you forgot.

      5. I’m afraid he is. Strangely he thinks he is superior to both all Palestinians and all Europeans (he counts Americans in with those). It’a fascist delusion.

      6. You declare yourself to be NOT a denier of the Holocaust. But YOU compare to Hitler. YOU Both deny the Versailles Treaty which the Allies imposed permanent GUILT upon the German People.

  5. Worlds separate utter and total contempt from racism. Yidden despise Europeans NOT for some measurement of their skulls and the color of their hair, but for their inhuman actions and crimes they did against humanity, not limited to Jewish refugee populations who lived in Europe prior to the Shoah. Idiot. The guilt of Europeans, their repeated crimes against humanity , their inhumanity — defines why these sub human inferior races merit nothing other than complete and total contempt.

    1. I too show contempt to all those who practice hatred, racism, violence, intolerance and discrimination. Which is precisely why I show my contempt for you with all your prejudice, intolerance, hatred, racism and stereotyping.

      1. Idiot Ass Hat, before you can express contempt you first have to have dignity as a human being. Europeans have only guilt for their horrible crimes against humanity. Europeans do not possess the slightest fraction of human dignity. Its this lack of dignity – Ass Hat – which proves that Europeans as sub-human sub-animals lower in value than either flies or bacteria.

      2. I have plenty of dignity.
        It is you with your stereotyping, crude talk and open racism who is totally lacking in both dignity and decorum. Swearing and racism are symptoms of a weak intellect, lack of argument and low character. All of which you display repeatedly. Empty vessels make the most noise.

      3. Noise. Ya confuse contempt for racism over and over and over again. Ya do not learn from your errors. A person who cannot learn from mistakes made – that person has no dignity.

      4. That’s precisely what I am saying. You seem incapable of writing anything pertinent or that makes sense and yet expect me not to delete your abuse and racism. Weird.

      5. Coward you deny both the Shoah and the Treaty of Versailles which your Government imposed upon Germany following WW1. Vile guilty coward, you possess neither shame nor dignity.

      6. Lies. You do not demand the removal of London as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. All Europe lost WW2. All Europeans bear the GUILT of the Shoah.

      7. Why on earth should I want the removal of London?
        Yes – there are no winners in war.
        No – the guilt lies with those who committed the sins – not the ones who did not.
        Just as with Hitler – many Germans formed an underground resistance. Many Germans helped Jews. There is no collective guilt.

      8. London lost WW2 over the crime of the Shoah. Holocaust denier, England and France imposed universal guilt on the German people following WW1. Israels, like myself, do likewise to the loser European sub humans.

      9. Yes I hear that. That is what makes you a fascist racist. You’ve said it a thousand times. You just make yourself sound daft.

      10. Then post WW1 Versailles Treaty qualifies as fascist racist! Nope. Fascism did not exist at the time of the Versailles Treaty.

      11. Fascist, as a practice, has always existed. The Versaille Treaty was not fascist – merely misguided. It was intended to punish an aggressor, deter and prevent further armament. In that it punished all German people it was wrong.

      12. The name – not the ideology. It’s an attitude based on racism and arrogance. It has been around throughout human history.

      13. If post WW1 Britain and France can unilaterally impose GUILT UPON ALL GERMANS, then how much more so post WW2 Israeli Jews can unilaterally impose GUILT UPON ALL EUROPEANS.

      14. Firstly two wrongs do not make a right. Secondly they punished Germany as a nation – not the people. It was meant to be an example and deterrent. Failed miserably and was poorly conceived.
        Blaming a whole people for an event or events is prejudiced racism. Blaming the guilty among them is justified. A concept you obviously find difficult.

      15. Law stands upon precedents. The Treaty of Versaille – stands as a valid precedent by which Israelis legally hold Europeans to permanent Shoah guilt.

      16. “””Blaming a whole people for an event or events is prejudiced racism.”””

        Proof, your own words offered as evidence that you deny both the Shoah and the Versailles Treaty. This place you on par with Hitler and Himmler.

      17. I hope you don’t get killed in all this violence I’ve been warning you about. Fascism always results in death.

      18. War reparations caused hyper inflation in Germany. The Versailles Treaty punished the German People. That’s why Hitler and his Fascist followers condemned the Versailles Treaty just as you deny it when its equally applicable to all Europeans guilty of the Shoah.

      19. Yes exactly – right up to your use of justifying your own racism. All the German people were not responsible for the 1st or 2nd World Wars. The hierarchy were and the ones who supported them – both a minority. And that is why it is stupid to blame innocent people and why that is racist.

      20. Silly boy. Your stupidity blinkers you. Oh – BTW
        Jeremy Corbyn Tweet to Israel – Jeremy Corbyn
        3 h ·
        Deliberately provocative attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque and the ongoing home invasions in #SheikhJarrah and other neighbourhoods have led to horrendous violence and loss of life in Jerusalem and most recently Gaza where 25 people including children are reported dead following an Israeli Defence Force Operation codenamed ‘Guardian of the Walls.’ This is a deeply worrying sign of the decision to use air strikes to respond to rockets from the Palestinian side. I am profoundly saddened by the reports of deaths and injuries on both sides. I call on the Israeli government to stop land expropriations and settler expansion. I also call on those responsible for the missile attacks to stop. A cessation of both, crucially, will save lives and should enable negotiations in good faith to begin. As the occupying power, the Israeli government has it in its gift to rectify the current situation and not exacerbate it.

      21. Time to make peace not war. I’ve been telling you that. One day they’ll bring in biological warfare and wipe you out – or have a nuke donated to them. You reap what you sow.

      22. Looks like some Israelis are getting killed. It will get worse. When you treat people like animals they behave like animals. You could get your throat slit.

      23. Worthless? I have more than most people health, a mind, a family, 50 years marriage, a home, enough to live well, books, music and intelligence. What more could any man want?

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