The Corona Diaries – Day 407

Our recent 50th anniversary and Liz’s birthday has focused my mind on just exactly what a huge difference the virus has made to our lives. In normal times we would have had a big celebration party and invited friends and relatives. The house would have been alive.

Instead we had a muted affair in the back garden with just half our children. We enjoyed it. We had a nice day. But it was different and sad that so many friends and family were not there.

The virus has robbed us of 407 days of normality. The casual meetings, the meals, the gigs, theatre, cinema and events. It has been a year when we couldn’t travel and our horizons were all restricted. We’ve spent most of the time on our own and had to fill our days with other things.

But it wasn’t all negative.

The pandemic gave us time and perspective. It gave us an empty calendar to fill. It took away all the pressure and stress of a hectic life. It allowed inspiration, room for creation, quiet, peace and introspection.

Instead of interruptions and business, instead of the unexpected, it provided us with space.

I have filled that space for 407 days. I have filled it with writing and have completed seven books. I have filled it with walks in the countryside. Everyday, rain or shine, I have been out in the fresh air, looking at the changing landscape, seeing all the wildlife and relishing nature. I’ve filled it with photography and have greatly enjoyed photographing the countryside I’ve filled it with music and rediscovered a lot of my favourite old tracks and artists. and wildlife. I’ve filled it with decoration and renovation. We have now completely done up our house. I have filled it with reading. I don’t know how many books I’ve read this last year but it’s a lot. I’ve filled it with zoom meetings with friends and family. I’ve filled it with films and dramas. I’ve seen so many Scandy Noire that I can almost speak Danish.

I’ve eaten well, drank some nice wines and lived well.

I have not been idle or bored for a minute. Indeed, there hasn’t been enough time to do everything I’ve wanted to do. I have a lot outstanding.

What’s there to moan about?

The pandemic has been great for me. Of course, we have been lucky. We did not have jobs to lose and worry about. None of our children have lost jobs or become severely ill. We can pay our bills. Things could have been a lot different and have been for a lot of people.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland there are lots of things to talk about.

The good news is that the vaccine is working. The death-rate is now down to single figures.

The bad news is that people stupidly believe that Johnson has done a good job. They need to get real. He’s been an incompetent twerp who has killed 127,000 people.

The world is gradually opening up as vaccination takes off abroad. We are close to holidays abroad but the big worry is the variants. If people bring something back that will evade the vaccine. I want to get back travelling!! With two jabs I feel safe. My risks are now very low.

India is still in a bad way and I found it disgusting to learn that people were coming out with vile racist stuff on social media – saying that we should not be sending help to India. A bunch of callous, insensitive people lacking in compassion and empathy. India needs help and we should be rushing oxygen, ventilators and help in any form. This is no time for selfishness.

I hope Africa doesn’t end up where Brazil and India are!

It sounds as if a lot of people will be suffering from ‘Covid Anxiety’. They have become used to taking precautions and not interacting. It is going to take time for them to feel safe doing what they used to do.

Corona Anxiety is not going to affect me!! In two week’s time I’ll be free!!

Stay safe – things are looking good!!

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