Poetry – The Sun is not the Same

The Sun is not the Same

That sun is not the same today.

Yesterday’s light is gone forever.

This light is new –

Each moment –

A new sun

Reborn from the cauldron of change.

That burnished light

Might look the same;

That warmth might raise spirits

In the same fashion,

But it is new light

That never tasted space before.

These eyes that see

Are not the eyes of yesterday.

They have been renewed,

Rebuilt with new cells

In a perpetual cycle of rebirth.

Everything changes,

For that is the law,

Yet remains the same

In patterns that are set

To evolve slowly;

Patterns that deceive.

Opher 22.8.2016

The Sun is not the Same

We live our lives as if there is stability. It is an illusion. There is not stability – only relentless change. There are patterns that follow a progression. Our days, our lives, our universe are changing patterns.

The seconds, years and aeons roll by. Only with time can we measure the amount of change.

Every three months every cell in our body (apart from neurones) is replaced. We live with a new body and yet we are still recognisably us.

Every day we look up at the sun and stars and the sky looks the same, yet all the light is new. We have never seen it before.

All our lives we fit into the patterns that we are part of. The patterns evolve slowly, yet they change.

One day we wake and the pattern has shifted. The lie of stability has slipped. Things will never be the same. There is a new pattern. An element has gone forever, has altered.

In Aberfan it was the slip of a waste tip.

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