Poetry – Dreams are Real

Dreams are Real

Maybe dreams are real

And live forever

As expanding bubbles

Of imagination –

Expanding at the

Speed of thought –

Exploding through space

And time

Like ripples of surreal fantasy –

Passing through minds

Like beams of magnetic stimulation –

Caressing the sleeping senses

Of alien dreamers

And inducing smiles?

Opher 22.8.2016

Dreams are Real

I often play with this idea that consciousness is someone else’s dream. The reality we appear to live is an illusion. The more science discovers about quantum physics, subatomic particles, black holes, quasars and the big bang the stranger it all becomes.

All we know is that life is a lot weirder than we ever imagined.

I like the idea that dreams have a life of their own and travel between our minds in sleep – out to the stars and into the minds of other life-forms on planets light-years away.

Better to communicate and induce smiles than to remain apart and induce fear.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

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