The Corona Diaries – Day 404

It’s May 1st – May Day!! Liz’s birthday (she always catches me up each year – just for 30 days). Certainly makes everything easy to remember for me.

It’s also our wedding anniversary! It’s going to be a lot different to our celebration fifty years ago! Just the six of us in the garden.

Liz bought me a T-shirt that said ‘Best Husband since 1971’ – she always exaggerates. I bought her a bird box. I’m extremely romantic. (one Christmas I bought her a didgeridoo – she still hasn’t mastered it!!)

Amazingly the sun is shining and it feels much warmer than the forecast said!! Just like it was fifty years ago!! The power of psychic force!!

So today we will forget about Covid, inept lying government and the stupidity of Brexit and we will celebrate!

We’ve got a lot to celebrate. Into our seventies – still active, still create, still together!! Still full of life with a mountain of things to do and experience.

Now we are both vaccinated and things are relaxing we can think ahead again. The world will open up to vaccinated people and I want to get back travelling, photographing and meeting up with people. It’ll be all the better for having had a year off!!

This has been a highly productive year. I have written books, become published, read lots, walked lots, seen a tremendous amount of nature, watched a lot of films and drama, decorated the house and caught up with most things. I’ve lost a few pounds despite eating really well and become quite fit (though joints are a little iffy – if only bodies were designed and not just haphazardly evolved we could make them so much more efficient. Joints are just one of the things that are so crap.).

I’ve actually (for the most part) enjoyed lockdown.

So now – fifty years in one relationship (actually more than fifty – it was August 15th at 7.30 pm in 1967 that I pulled up outside Liz’s house for our first date – she was seventeen – I was eighteen! Great days!!

So – I’m off to prepare!! The champagne’s in the fridge!! The food is ready!!

We’re off to celebrate!!

Happy May Day everybody!! Stay Safe!! It feels like today is the start of a new chapter!!

I’m off to toast my Queen of the May!!

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