Photos from our Weddings 50 years ago today.

The first of our weddings was the Buddhist blessing the week before. We invited the relatives to that. They were suitably bemused or absent.

Our second wedding was a registry office wedding in the morning on May 1st – Liz’s 21st Birthday! (easy to remember.

She was my Queen of the May!!

We only invited parents to that one. Liz’s Mum refused to come.

For our third Wedding – in the afternoon of the 1st May 1971 – we wanted a pagan ceremony with a May Pole.
None of the parks would let us do it and nobody would let us hire a maypole. You have to imagine there’s an invisible one in there!

We held our own ‘Games For May’ in the woods. Lots of friends turned up. We had a sound system, dancing, food and drink.

Everybody had to bring something to perform – we had songs, poems, dance and mime. Worked brilliantly.

Everyone had to bring food and drink to share.

We shared, danced and had a great day.

Fifty years ago today!! Doesn’t seem possible!!

We’re still together!

This is the T-shirt Liz bought me!

I hope my Queen of the May had a great twenty-first birthday back then! I think so!

Today we are having another outside celebration – with just six!! bit different!!

Who knows?? When this is all over maybe we’ll do it again and invite everybody back for a second bash!! It’d be just the same!!

5 thoughts on “Photos from our Weddings 50 years ago today.

  1. I love this! Happy Anniversary, and best to Liz. I was 21 in ’71, too, but far from settling down. That didn’t happen till ’76. I’m so sorry Liz’s mom didn’t come to the ceremony. I hope family fences were mended. Best to you both, and hope the May Day celebration was a blast.

    1. Cheers Jennie. We had a great, if restricted, celebration. It would have been great to have had everyone able to come – but maybe later when covid has gone!
      We did make up with Liz’s parents and got along great. All was wrell.

      1. Cheers to you, Opher. I do hope you get to have a bigger celebration later on. And I’m glad you made up with the parents. πŸ™‚

      2. Oh yes – we did make up with Liz’s parents and got along well. And we will have a big celebration later when this is over!!

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