Poetry – Every Step a Praise

Every Step a Praise

Let every step be a praise of wonder,

Every breath a gasp of pleasure,

Every blink a new awakening

And may every journey lead to another splendour.

For we live in the midst

Of a glorious spectacle

In which all is mystery,

And the pleasure

Is in the discovery.

So let every touch be one of love,

Every sound an orchestra,

Every flavour a banquet

And every moment

A fragment of eternity.

Opher 6.10.2016

Every Step a Praise

This is another of my secular poems to the beauty of nature and the incredible wonder of life.

We have woken from eternity to behold the most majestic place in the whole of infinity – a place of splendour, wonders and mystery. And the biggest wonder of all is that we have the consciousness and senses with which to appreciate it.

There is nothing more satisfying than to appreciate the glory of nature. We should acknowledge that with all our being. The world, the heavens, green plants and creatures are all part of a marvellous panoply of extraordinary spectacle beyond our capacity to comprehend. Mankind creates religions in order to capture its magnitude yet always falls far short. Nature is the most stupendous reality of all and we are part of it. To be in harmony with it is all that we could ever wish for.

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