The Corona Diaries – Day 402

We’ve still got that cold breeze off the North Sea but it was dry for my walk. I took a stroll for a couple of hours with one of my friends. Strangely one of the main topics of conversation was Tory Sleaze and how long Johnson was going to last.

Both of us were of the opinion that it won’t be long. Johnson is finally being exposed as the self-serving liar and scoundrel he is. His laziness and ineptitude keeps getting him in trouble – from Nazari Radcliffe to lying about his flat, from outrageous claims of £350 million a week from Brexit to claims of oven-ready deals, world-beating apps – from blatant cronyism on awarding contracts to sleazy contacts on his phone. He’s a sleazebag.

The wonder is that it’s taken people this long to see it. He hides it behind the affable front of a buffoon, a clown in office. Really he’s an incompetent schemer, a vicious unscrupulous assassin and someone who doesn’t really care if the bodies pile up in thousands. He’s been responsible for the double disasters of both Brexit and Covid.

While he was sorting out his own mess with lovers and divorce, kids, maintenance and messy affairs back in February 2020 he allowed the virus in, refused to limit travel or implement border controls and locked down much too late. He’d been told. He ignored it. Too keen on getting his end away and guzzling at the trough.

I think the Buffy St Marie protest song about genocide was an apt one to put as a backdrop.

At this moment in time the situation is looking good in the USA and UK. We had just 29 deaths yesterday. The vaccine roll out is having a profound effect.

The fly in that ointment could be the variants. I noticed that the Indian variant has now been found in Leicester. There is concern that wealthy Indians are chartering small planes to fly them to England and landing at small airports with no controls. They’ll bring the variant with them.

Are we confident that this government is on the ball and will stop it?? Do pigs fly?? Maybe three months down the road when all the good vaccine work is undone by the variant Johnson (if he’s still there) will have a dither and do something?? Perhaps!

I think a refrain of Pete Seeger is in order:

‘When will they ever learn – when will they ever learn?’

For those who oppose vaccination and lockdown perhaps a look at the sad state of India and Brazil (and the USA under Trump) will clearly show how bad things can get. India is heading for half a million new cases a day!! In two weeks time the death rate will be astronomical. What a mess! Modi and Bolsonaro are two big deniers. They want locking up!

Hopefully, we will get vaccines and oxygen to India to help all those poor people.

It all proves one thing – we’re all in this together! If we let the virus rip we end up with variants that invalidate the vaccines. We need to vaccinate the world and quickly!!

I think Africa may well be the next place the virus hits hard. On a world-wide level the virus hasn’t peaked yet! It’s still rising!!

The vaccine passport is already is use. France will only allow people in who are vaccinated or tested. Other countries are following suit. The football stadia demanded it. Israel is back to normal for those with vaccine proof. When we open up more I bet we’ll see it in a lot of places – theatres, cinemas, sporting events …………………. It’s a reality.

I carry my vaccine proof around with me!! It won’t be long until I’m asked for it. I don’t mind if it makes us safer and allows us to get back to normal!! A small price to pay.

So – I’ll be watching Johnson’s demise with relish, the Tory decline with satisfaction and looking ahead to a summer of normality!!

We’ll see if the Tories manage to balls it up!!

All the best!

Stay Safe!! Vaccine paradise beckons!!

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