The Corona Diaries – Day 396

Great day today!! I’ve just come back from having my second jab!! Two weeks time and I’ll have a nice froth of antibodies in my blood to put pay to any covid virus!! I’ll be pretty much back to a normal level of risk!!

I’m counting days!!

The sun was shining and the temperature was seventeen degrees!! Not bad. There is still this strange cold feel to the air though – fine in the sunshine but as soon as you go into the shade you feel it! The breeze is blowing in off the cold North sea!

This morning was a morning of chores!! I was training wisteria! Bloody stuff doesn’t listen to a word you tell it!

We met up with friends for a pint and an outside lunch. Couldn’t have had a better day for it. Great to meet up with people and talk!!

Not long now until we can meet indoors and go to gigs!!

After lunch we walked to our centre for our jabs – all very easy, quick and efficient!

We’ll see what the next few days bring. I don’t mind a few days illness in order to gain immunity against a lethal virus. Though last time all I had was a slightly tender arm.

Thank you science!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland Greenswill rolls on, Dyson sucks on and Hancock’s landlord has properly been awarded yet another multimillion pound contract.

The vaccine effect is bouying the Tories up. They really do think they can get away with anything (and are at the minute). It seems that we in Britain no longer care about corruption and ineptitude. The Bullingdon boys can have as many millions as they want. The nurses deserve their pay cuts. The key workers all deserve austerity. Somebody has to pay for Brexit and Covid – that someone is the poor and public servants.

The politicians, like Rees-Mogg, Cameron, Osborne (and Johnson to come) all deserve their millions. They’re worth it!!

Know your place!!

The virus is going berserk in India (333,000 new cases yesterday!! – a record!) and the planes are arriving in Britain packed to the lockers with variant virus. What fools we are.

India is in the red zone from today!! FAR TOO BLOODY LATE!!

We have known about the new Indian variant for over three weeks and done NOTHING!!! It has 3 major mutations – two of which are shared by the Brazilian and South African variants. They make it much more contagious, much more likely to affect younger people and a likelihood that it will make the vaccine useless!

JOHNSON was SO keen TO make a TRADE DEAL with INDIA because Brexit is such a damaging mess that he daren’t put India into the red zone!! Now it’s probably too late. We’ve let it in!

The government are banking on the summer heat killing off the virus. All I can say is that Brazil, South Africa and India are pretty hot and sunny and the virus seems to be thriving!! If those variants take off here we’re in deep shit!! And the Brazilian variant increased by 50% yesterday (ironically they claimed it was due to an outbreak that was caused by people coming into the country!)

Just wait until all these Indians go to live with their unvaccinated families!! The vaccine take up in the ethnic minorities is very poor.

Now that we are opening up with pubs and restaurants the unvaccinated are particularly at risk. We’ll see what happens.

I’m sure that Dido Harding in on the case. She’ll probably get a George Medal and Knighthood soon for services to the country. It doesn’t matter that she’s been utterly useless!

I’m ringing up Bojo this evening to put in a bid. I’ll tell him I’ll run the Track and Trace for a mere £25 billion and undercut Dido!! I’m sure he’ll go for it – if bloody Cameron hasn’t got in first!!

So I’m off to watch a bit of TV!! I deserve a break!! It’s been a busy day!!

Stay Safe!!! I’m nigh at the end!!

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