Poetry – All One

All One

All from one –

                A single cell –

                                Sipping magic

From the infinite well.

A unique fire,

                Within a sea,

                                Exploding outwards,

Producing we.

Expanding force,

                So unique.

                                A display of art,

Full of mystique.

From chemical

                To awareness.

                                Its insane beauty

Could not prepare us.

In all the worlds

                Throughout all time

                                Was never a creation

So divine.

Covering the surface

                Of this jewel;

                                All from one

And one from all.

Opher – 22.4.2021

Life – the biggest, greatest, most wonderful spectacle in the whole universe.

Life. Starting just once.

From that magic cell, across billions of years, spreading like a forest fire, it rampaged across the planet to fill every nook and cranny.

Life. A mystery of wonder. The most unlikely event.

Just once.

Mutating to create every more elaborate form – ever more wondrous art.


Seeing, hearing, touching, feeling. Giving purpose to the universe.

Without us nothing is perceived. The wonders unappreciated.

Our joy and privilege is to perceive. Nothing more.

We are the eyes of the universe.

A happy accident.

All from one.

And we are but a tiny part of it all.

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