The Corona Diaries – Day 394

A much cooler day today. I went for my walk up my hill with a cold north wind blowing in my face! No nature to report on. Nothing happening.

It’s groundhog day. I might just go and read for a bit!!

Out in Coronaland things are beginning to open up. Yesterday we received news that our second jab was going to take place on Friday!! Yippee!! Freedom!!

We’re going to meet up with friends for a drink or two to celebrate and a meal outside (I hope it bloody warms up by Friday!)

I spend the day on the phone – sorting out power suppliers and BT. It takes hours. Today we booked visits to dentist and opticians.

What with shopping and everywhere open it is beginning to feel normal!!

However, scientists are warning of a third wave caused by the large number not yet vaccinated.

The shadow on the horizon are the variants – the South African and Indian – both could prove very virulent and evade the vaccine. If they take off we could be back to square one.

Yet – for some stupid reason we are still allowing people in from India without special quarantine and will continue to do so until Friday. Madness!!

I blame it on Brexit!!

How you might ask??

I have a theory. The economy is in a mess because of Brexit. Trade across the channel is well down. Johnson is desperate to do trade deals with other countries and had India lined up for a major deal. He was off to meet up with Modi – unfortunately the subcontinent is ravaged with this new variant. Johnson did not want to scupper the deal by banning the Indians so he kept the airport open. Madness!!

So while things remain the same in the UK and USA, India and Brazil are going from bad to worse!! 3660 deaths in Brazil yesterday!

That’s another variant we could do without! No doubt Johnson will be allowing them in too (as long as they pay enough!).

The sleaze continues to unravel. £100 million contracts to cronies, public money given to lovers and sorting out tax deals for Dyson. There’s no end!

A while back we had a Tory lambasted for claiming public money to have his moat cleaned – this is much worse!!!

Stay safe! You can rely on the clown!!

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