The Corona Diaries – Day 392

Another beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire (though there is still a nip in the air).

A bit of a strange day – I spent the morning shopping and on the phone to power companies and BT. It’s amazing how long they can keep you hanging on a phone!! Not much accomplished though hours wasted. This is supposed to be progress.

This afternoon I went for a walk up my hill. The may blossom was out. The flowers sparkly in the green grass, hedges bright with nascent leaves. Beautiful.

Out in Corona land the incompetent clown running the country has at last realised that there might be a risk from the Indian variant!! At last!! For heavens sake!! Isn’t it bloody obvious??

The Indian variant is running wild in India. It is more easily transmitted and evades the vaccines. Shouldn’t that be enough to take stringent measures?? In India there were 273,802 reported cases yesterday. It was up to 400,000!! Yet we have not had them on the red list!!! People have been coming into the country without proper quarantine!!! WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES!!!

Once again we are overconfident!!! The vaccinations are going great. Johnson is riding high in opinion polls. The numbers of infections are coming right down. Deaths are greatly reduced – just 10 yesterday!! Obviously time to get complacent!!

That’s precisely what they did in India and Brazil. In India the death count is now 1619 a day. In Brazil it is 1657. Why?? Because they opened everything up without restrictions!! In India they thought that the religious festivals were more important than health. A lot of those people who went to the Hindu temples are now dead!! That’s what happens when you put a religious populist in charge. In Brazil it’s a capitalist populist who wants to make more money!!

The more people infected the more virus. The more virus the more mutation the more variants – THE MORE RISK TO US ALL!! These populist idiots will kill hundreds of thousands!!!

So the UK has once again acted far too slowly. We have left the borders open and allowed the Indian variant in. It is now established in the UK. It threatens everything. If it evades the vaccine we are back to square one!!


According to government sources the outbreak is not related to international travel.

SO HOW THE HELL DO THEY THINK IT GOT IN??? Blew on a breeze?? Swam?? Jumped through a black hole??

For heavens sake they are treating us like morons.

JOHNSON – takle a leaf out of Vietnam and New Zealand – 5 new cases between them and no deaths for months!! THEY SHUT THEIR BLOODY BORDERS!!! QUARANTINED (and did not spend £37 billion on a stupid ineffective Track and Trace).

We get our second jab this week (In the 10 million)!! Yipeeee!!! If only they keep the Indian variant out Freedom beckons!!!

Stay Safe!!!

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