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The Corona Diaries – Day 383


Strange day today – sunshine and snow!! I went to meet up with my daughter and grandchildren for a walk at Goathland out on the Yorkshire Moors. We stopped off at Horcum Hole on the way. A big snow storm had come through. The place looked beautiful. We went for a walk along the old railway line. We started off in snow and ended in sunshine. It was a nice walk and good to meet up!!

I’m beginning to see the end!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I thought it would be good to take another oversight of the situation.

CountryNew cases yesterdayDeaths yesterday
New Zealand100

As you can see the USA still has a high level of infection and deaths. The UK has a steady number but the death-rate has come right down. It is going berserk in Brazil. Vietnam and New Zealand have very few cases and no deaths.

What can i glean from this?

  1. If you are foolish enough to elect a populist macho fool of a leader (as with Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson) you are doomed. Their denials, foolish assertion, lies, lack of action and ignorance will result many tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.
  2. If you have a good leader who was prepared, took early action and gave good clear instructions you can get on top of the disease (well done Jacinda Ardern and Nguyễn Xuân Phúc). Whereas Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson didn’t give a fuck, Phuc sorted it out!
  3. Closing the borders early was paramount. Once you let the virus establish it is too late! A lesson our clown still hasn’t got into his head.
  4. Locking down and track and tracing enables you to get on top of it and get back to normal. Another scandalously expensive failure.
  5. The vaccine is breaking the link between the virus and serious illness/death.

It is beginning to look as if the level of vaccination in the UK is close to delivering herd immunity! That would be great. Normality beckons.

My hope is that once we have sorted our herd immunity we can help the rest of the world to get immunised. Only when they are all done will we be safe!!

Hopefully they will boot Bolsonaro out of office and Brazil can get itself sorted. It is a hotbed breeding variants at the moment and Bolsonaro telling people that the vaccine turns them into crocodiles does not help.

Well I’m going back to listening to Larry Williams and doing some rewriting!!

Stay safe where-ever you are and use your vote wisely – it’s life and death!!

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