The Corona Diaries – Day 382

It was a bit warmer today. We set off in the sunshine up my hill. The birds were chirping and nest-building. The may blossom was out and the celandine flowers were open. The daffs were beginning to fade though!

A red Kite sat on the telegraph wire and watched us. A hare bounded off down the field.

It felt like spring.

However we did get caught in a hailstorm on the way home!

I fed a couple of carrots to me adopted horse and told him that Bumba and Neil sent their regards. He only seemed interested in the carrots though. Very fickle.

Back in Coronaland we had the death of Prince Philip. That’s the TV and radio for the day!! I think the only thing I agreed with on was that overpopulation was the biggest issue facing mankind and something needs doing about it!

It is the population size that is producing the amount of pollution and environmental destruction that is destroying the planet! We need to shed a few billion!

Maybe the next pandemic will do just that! I wish I could select who. It’s such a shame that the Trump’s, Johnson’s and Bolsonaros are never the ones to suffer most. There’s no justice!

Bolsonaro is a stupid imbecile. A greedy populist fool busy lining his own pockets. All he cares about is money. He is overseeing a disaster. 4000 deaths a day – a total of 332,000 deaths.

(Thanks to the BBC for the following:)

Why is that? Simple – it’s his lack of leadership!

  • he has called Covid “just a little flu”
  • rejected a nationwide lockdown, saying such measures only made the poor poorer
  • called state governors and mayors who imposed lockdown “tyrants”
  • cast doubts on the efficacy and safety of jabs and said he wouldn’t get vaccinated
  • joked the Pfizer jab may “turn people into crocodiles”
  • dismissed opportunities to purchase millions of vaccine doses
  • told people to “stop whining” about the situation

The other sobering fact is to look at the legacy of other populist leaders – Trump and Johnson have dismal records. It is sad to note that the UK has the worst record in the whole world – 190 deaths per 100,000!! And Johnson is being lauded as a saviour!! People are nuts!! His performance has been worst in the world!!! He’s done everything wrong!!!

Deaths tolls

Well on that sobering thought – I’m off to play some more Muddy Waters and do some editing!!

Stay safe!!

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