Poetry – Secondary Sex Characteristics

Secondary Sex Characteristics

I watch you walk down the street

As your slim body flows and your hips sway;

Dimorphism has made you that way.

The curves of your breasts, bum and tum

Catch my eye

So pronounced as you walk by.

I adore the deposition of your fat

Deployed in all the right places

To create this and that.

You have the small face

And big eyes of a child

With big red lips

Evolved to drive me wild.

Your secondary sex characteristics are so alluring

I’m certain I’d find your primary ones equally stirring.

Up close I touch the softness of your skin,

Armpit and groin I’m breathing in.

The air is full of your pheromones

A heady attraction perfected down aeons.

Your sexual chemistry set

Is fully deployed like a butterfly net.

Like a helpless moth drawn to the light,

A bee to a flower

I am attracted

I lack the power

To resist the promise of delight.

Opher 4.6.2016

Secondary Sex Characteristics

Sexuality mainly operates on the subconscious level. Dimorphism has evolved to create attraction. Females have evolved physically to attract males. Their body shape and movements, appealing faces and sexual chemicals are deployed to entice males.

They act like lanterns.

They attract males who flounder around hopelessly in their wake like puppy dogs.

They then select a mate; a male who has the status, survival characteristics and genes they wish to entrust with their own genes; someone worthy of carrying their chromosomes into the next gene pool. Women respond to status, strength, survival characteristics and healthiness. They have few eggs to put in the basket of life. Men respond to fertility. They are not limited by number. Their seed is plentiful. They can go for quantity.

Females place a lot of their resources into attracting males. Breasts and large buttocks, weaker muscles, and smaller size are hindrances in surviving against predators. Their sexuality exudes fertility and health. Their ploy is to allure. Males can go for size, strength and power. Their purpose is that of provider.

Over the years women have learnt to enhance their charms to create bigger breasts, larger eyes and lips and even bigger bums. Bras, bustles, lipstick and mascara are weapons

A whole industry has sprung up to assist women in exaggerating their secondary sex characteristics. With paints, smells, sways, high-heels and implants they set their traps.

We know it but we still fall in.

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