Poetry – Brazilian Variants

Brazilian Variants

A lethal wind

                Blows across the sea

                                From the jungles of Brazil.


                Aggressive, virulent,

                                Making young people ill.


                Soar to the heavens

                                The poor pick up the bill.

Litany of arrogance

                Stupidity and ignorance

                                Bolsonaro’s will.

Variants blossom

                Journey round the world

                                Mutating – never still.

Setting up home

                In a billion new lungs

                                Young lives to kill.

Opher – 6.4.2021

As Bolsonaro emulates his mentor Trump. Putting money before lives. Denying the virus. Promoting crackpot cures, spreading conspiracy.

All that matters is his wealth and power. Cynically killing thousands.

Now the virus is out of control. Mutation is prevalent. Variants that are much more aggressive are killing younger people and these variants are pouring out around the world.

The disaster, Bolsonaro’s disaster, is a disaster for the whole world.

Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, Erdogan and Johnson – the unholy five greatest populist clowns. Greedy, selfish, power-mad, divisive and the arbiters of ruin.

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