The Corona Diaries – Day 380

Another cold day in Yorkshire but the wind has dropped and it’s a bit warmer than yesterday. The sun was out this morning. Unfortunately that coincided with my writing group so I went for my walk this afternoon.

It’s a strange spring. The daffodils are nearly over but the may blossom is just beginning. Despite the cold the hedges are bursting into leaf though many of the wild flowers are tightly clenched buds! Even the birds were a bit muted.

It’s meant to be a bit warmer tomorrow and then back to the cold. I’m craving a bit of warmth!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland nothing changes as we absorb our daily dose of graphs and figures. The vaccines continue to work, hospitalisation and deaths are coming down sharply.

Don’t the media drive you nuts? They are so keen to get a story and then work it to death. The latest one is still about these few blood clots – 30 in 17 million. I’d take those odds any day. Wouldn’t you?

The risk from getting Covid-19 is far far greater than that. Particularly when you factor in the new discovery that a third of Covid-19 survivors are going down with psychological diseases – anxiety and depression. Not for me thanks! I’ll take the vaccine any day.

The interesting finding is that this tiny group (if it is related to the vaccine at all) seems to be young females. They are wondering if it has anything to do with the contraceptive pill. Maybe – the pill does cause an increased risk of clotting.

I’m not sure why nobody is suggesting using an anticlotting agent (such as simple aspirin) for a while before and after vaccination. That makes sense to me.

Bolsonaro’s idiocy (actually telling people that vaccination could turn them into crocodiles – can you believe it? Some people do) is creating a disaster in Brazil. The death rates and infection rates are going through the roof. They are spawning new aggressive variants that affect younger people which will impact on the world. The man is a criminal liability!

I hope these aggressive variants respond to the vaccine!!

It certainly is a strong message that we need to vaccinate the whole world as quickly as we can. It’s the only way to stop variants and protect us all!

Hopefully Bolsonaro’s days are numbered and he’ll follow Trump into obscurity (having ripped off huge amounts of wealth). That’ll be two down! It would just leave us three nasty populist fools – Johnson, Modi and Erdogan – all desperately trying to change the system so they can stay in power for ever!

Johnson must surely be the worst PM we’ve ever had – and that’s saying something!

Every passes, everything changes – stay safe!

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