2 thoughts on “Ex-pats

  1. Talking of ex-pats…

    I remember our one and only holiday some years ago in Lanzarote (recommend by a friend – probably a Sun reader) and we were looking forward to a morning coffee. We came to bar with a nice terrace and sat down. I looked inside the bar and saw the walls covered in Union Jacks and a group of noisy Brits gathered around a TV watching football.

    ‘Ah well’ I thought….Eventually a large woman came out and with a ‘Yes luv?’ took our order. Being on the Continent, I assumed the coffee would be at least ok so I ordered two Cappuccinos. She disappeared inside and returned immediately with two cups of steaming water and a couple of sachets of instant coffee!


    1. That sums it up. It’s the culture of the lowest common denominator. It’s not even anything good about the British.

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