The Corona Diaries – Day 379

The sun was shining in Yorkshire – but it’s brass monkeys outside. We’ve even had a blizzard this afternoon!! Who would believe that a few days back it was a freakish 24 degrees and T-shirt weather!

You’ll be pleased to know that it did not prevent me from taking my daily constitutional. We had a two hour walk to the next village and back. Out of the northerly wind it was warm and sunny. In the biting wind it was freezing!

Back home I laid a big log fire, played some Fugs, had a zoom meeting with friends, and caught up with all the crap – changing power supply (a nightmare – supposedly one single telephone call and they do it all for you – two months later I’m taking new readings and haggling) – chasing up door latches that should have arrived two weeks ago – sorting out a supply of logs that are no longer available. I seem to have spent hours on the phone!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our clown of a PM, looking like a demented scarecrow, is promising to open up the country. Basking in the success of the NHS vaccination programme he is riding a high in the polls. Everybody has forgotten about the 150,000 deaths, the crippled economy, the PPE and ventilator fiascos, the dithering, the ineptitude, the App that doesn’t work, the Track and Trace that is a farce, the lack of border controls, the dumping of infected elderly back into the care homes, the wasting of tens of Billions (£37 billion on T&T alone – heaven knows how much the app cost), the cronyism and nepotism, the silliness and lies of oven-ready deals, world-beating track and trace, world-beating apps and moonshots. All they care about is going to the pub, opening up the restaurants and going on holiday to some crap resort in Spain. The sad thing is that he’s right.

People are forgetful and stupid. He’s proving it daily. He must be smirking to himself all the time (in between screwing, boozing, gorging and lazing about).

I despair. We get what we deserve (though some of us don’t deserve this austerity, chaos, death and disaster). The country is a mess.

It’s pretty obvious to me that we’re heading for a vaccine passport. I don’t hold with all this bollocks about rights and liberties. If you want to go in a pub then everybody in the pub has a right to know you’ve taken adequate precautions either by doing the responsible thing and having a vaccination or paying to get tested. I don’t want to be infected by some irresponsible person.

If you want to go to the cinema, the football, the pub or travel abroad then either get vaccinated or stay at home. It’s your choice.

Exercising your right to do what you like infringes my right to be safe.

We’ve had this with HIV. Irresponsible people avoided being tested or chose not to tell people and spread the disease. They killed countless people.

I can understand young people feeling aggrieved if they haven’t had the choice to be vaccinated yet. But testing is available until you get your chance.

Once everyone has had the choice then, as far as I’m concerned, bring in the vaccination passport!

We’re in a lethal pandemic! Different rules apply until it is over! But hell, if a government wants to keep restrictions in place once it’s over then’s the time to shout loud.

I’m shouting loud about the government taking over the BBC and running the media as a propaganda machine. I’m shouting about the way they are trying to suppress protest. I’m shouting about the way they are lying. I’m shouting about their corruption. But I’m not worried about any perceived infringement of my rights during a pandemic!

I’m still looking forward to my second jab and getting my freedom back.

Until then – stay safe!!

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