The Corona Diaries – Day 377

After yesterday’s hectic rush across the country and back today is a lot less hectic. I’m in playing some James Varda and chilling out. The sun is shining and the day is warming up though there was a frost this morning and it was freezing.

This afternoon I will go for a walk in the sun and then maybe do a bit of writing!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland Johnson is after further courting popularity by opening up events. It looks like Wembley Stadium and a number of evening venues in Liverpool are on the cards. He likes taking the credit for the hard work of the NHS. But now that the vaccine is biting and the death-rate is negligible things can progress. As long as it doesn’t produce a huge rise in cases in the unvaccinated – sufficient to overwhelm the NHS, we should be alright. He is also going to be crowing about ‘his’ success by opening up corridors to certain foreign countries and putting holidays back on the map!

I doubt Boris will be mentioning the huge death-toll, the wasted money, the cronyism or lies, the failed schemes – like the app and Track and Trace (with all the billions given to chums). He’ll be selective.

The vaccine passport idea won’t appeal to many. But the unvaccinated can take tests to prove themselves clean – or maybe just go about with a bell shouting ‘Unclean’ so that everybody can keep clear of them.

Let’s just hope the vaccine continues to roll out. Statistically 30 cases of blood clots out of 17 million jabs is inconsequential. More people probably get run over on the way to the jab centres! Compares to the thousands that would have died without them it is completely nonsensical to not be jabbed.

Anyway – stay safe. It does look as if the NHS and vaccination are going to save us from perpetual isolation!!

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