The Corona Diaries – Day 376

I did not get to post this yesterday as we were travelling across the country to visit our grandchildren on the west coast. We left early, drove across from the east coast to the west, spent five or six hours in the garden, and drove back. It was a long day! It was the first time we’d seen them since last summer! They were excited (particularly as we took their Christmas presents with us!). Fortunately it was a warm sunny day!!

I beat them at soccer, found them in hide and seek and became a big hairy monster (not difficult). I think they were glad to see me go!

Out in Coronaland there still seems no sign that people are waking up to the extent of the lies and corruption of this administration. Johnson hides it all from the public under a cheery, affable exterior. They fall for it. Their policy of avoiding all scrutiny by avoiding appearing on any programme that might interrogate or criticise their policies seems to be working. They now have a tight grip over most of the media, are pouring out propaganda and lies and obfuscating what is going on.

It’s just like Trump. A series of lies consistently told. Facts are inconvenient.

The immense problems with Brexit are shunted under the carpet.

The inept policies over the Corona Virus are hidden behind a fog of vaccination euphoria. One of the worst death-rates in the world is due to chance. One of the worst hit economies is due to circumstance. The appalling waste of money was necessary. The cronyism and law breaking were the circumstances of a national emergency.

It’s like Teflon. The public seem to accept that he lies, he cheats, he’s racist, he’s sexist, he’s privileged and spoilt, he’s inept, he’s invisible, he’s a clown, he’s out of his depth, because he’s Boris Johnson.

If Corbyn had done a fraction of his obnoxious mistakes and had a fraction of his immorality and character flaws he would have been crucified.

How does he get away with it? He looks like a clown who’s been living on the streets for a few years, has the diplomatic skills of a cross between Genghis Khan and Osama Bin Laden and is the most immoral politician we’ve had in years. He looks like a slob, acts like a slob and behind the scene is orchestrating chaos and obscene corruption.

But it’s just Boris isn’t it??


Stay Safe!! The lunatics are in charge and they are busy looting the place!

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