Taoist God at Lotus Lake – Taiwan

The Lotus Lake felt like a cross between Disneyland and Chinese religions. They like their stuff big and gaudy. The Taoist status was just that. The whole place felt a bit plastic and shoddy – though interesting.

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  1. The morning of the 4th day of the Pesach, we Jews stand on the 3rd day of the Omer count. The Omer count teaches a נמשל mussar whereby Jews count the day cleansed of avoda zara. The count distance from biur chametz and the night of the Sedar Pesach where we Jews acknowledge that HaShem alone brought Israel out of Egypt. The משל of biur chametz sanctifies as קודש. Which means exactly what? That Jews commit to remove and distance themselves from chametz, similar to a nazir who likewise does so with grapes, what Jews do with chametz the entire chag of Pesach. The נמשל of biur chametz, Jews search their houses and property to remove any and all foreign Gods. Something as did Israel before the revelation of the Torah at Sinai; comparable to La’van searching the tents of Yaacov looking for his God. Bottom line, the Haggadah teaches faith in the justice of HaShem which ipso facto rejects prayer offered to both idols or other Gods. The 11th middle Blessing of the Shemone Esri,

    ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב, ותשכן בתוכה כאשר דברת וכו’ וכסא דוד מהרה לתוכה תכין…
    Its central k’vanna makes discernment between oath brit sworn to HaShem from the worship of foreign imposter Gods/chametz. The revelation of the Torah at Sinai excludes all other Gods. Both rational or mystic belief based theologies, mussar mitzvot exclude from the inheritance of the brit Cohen nation. Rational or mystic theology compares to avoda zara which once worshipped the stars in the Heavens as Gods; the latter – an inheritance given to all Mankind. Only Israel accepted the Torah revelation of HaShem at Sinai. Mussar commands middot, tohor middot.

    Ingestion of tohor middot causes the emotional irrational mind to mature due to developing wisdom, consequent to acquired life experience; lessons learned over and over again and again, until that novice becomes a master. Enslaved Israel had to learn how to make and work with bricks. Wisdom enlightenment, attained through labor with bricks, likewise produced two great “tuma” Temples: courtroom righteous justice has priority over korbanot. The logic skill that applies knowledge of bricks and their purposes, equally applies to many other subjects and walks of life. On this basis stands all Common Law courtrooms of justice.

    Rule #1 of the Torah faith: Erect the Torah world – – through validation of established precedents. A novice that reads T’NaCH and Talmud, basically limited his understanding to what his eyes immediately read from those books. The style of the Baali-Tosafot – they brought precedents from other places within the Sha’s Talmud; their T’NaCH and Talmudic commentaries learn by way of bringing comparative precedents, comparative case/law, from other places within the Sha’s Talmud. A novice can not duplicate the sh’itta of learning done by the Baali Tosafot; a commentary which consistently follows the sh’itta of learning through precedents; expressed throughout the Baali Tosafot’s commentary upon the Sha’s Bavli.

    The קודש of the Haggadah: it separates tefilla from prayer. Both the worshipers of idols and the disciples of the Scientific method limit the reality of their Gods to 3 physical dimensions. On par with the Ancient Greeks as expressed through the flaw of Euclid’s 5th axiom of geometry, or the absolute necessity required by all branches of Xtian theology, which demands that a physical Jesus once lived as a man within the lands of Judea over 2000 years ago. Neither the idea of a myth or an imaginary Jesus can Church theology ever accept. Therefore persons who pray, they – by definition – worship other Gods. Why? Because persons who pray have long ago embraced Goyim customs, cultures, practices and behaviors – all Goyim refused to accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai; assimilated Jewry have likewise abandoned and rejected the cultures and customs practiced by the Cohed nation.

    The רשע who asks one of the 4 questions, he excludes himself not only from the liberation from Egyptian g’lut, but even worse he excludes himself from the eternal Cohen inheritance of the Jewish people. G’lut comes when the Cohen nation abandons tohor practices and assimilates unto foreign alien cultures and customs. Year by year Yidden repeats the salvation from Egyptian bondage. Slowly the dawn breaks and Yidden perceive much more than the טפש פשט of remembering the suffering and salvation from the bondage of Egyptian slavery, an event that happened thousands of years in the past, yet whose meaning applies to our situational lives. Specifically, that HaShem and no other God or Angel, redeemed slaves from g’lut.

    In the beginning: Yosef reveals his hidden identity unto his brothers, to the latter dedication of korbanot by the sons of Aaron, avodat HaShem stands separate and apart from prayers offered unto other Gods. קודש. The Haggadah of Seder Pesach teaches the קודש: HaShem commands the 613 mitzvot over the tuma of the worship of other Gods. Do not follow after the culture or customs practiced by the Goyim who refused to accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. To understand the 613 requires a strong knowledge of classic Jewish cultural practices and customs. Tuma attempts to divorce the 613 from the cultural background of Jewish culture, customs, practices, and ways. The Torah refers to this crime by the name of avoda zarah. Prayer – the opposite of tefilla. Persons who worship other Gods …… they pray.

    Persons who worship other Gods, they know nothing of the pre-condition which tohor makes upon both mitzva observance in general and tefilla in particular. They assume that korbanot compare to primitive Bar BQ’s offered up to Gods who live in the Heaven – rationally comparable to the stars in the skies. They do not grasp that tefilla functions as a sign of the brit faith, on par with brit melah, shabbot, and tefillen. Tefilla means the dedication of tohor middot unto HaShem alone, as learned directly from the Chumash and NaCH: that HaShem accepts our korban tefilla middot dedications as קודש, and rejects the prayers Goyim pray unto their foreign Gods, by judging those alien Gods with curses and plagues.An interesting Pesach commentary,

    that Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, he based his lecture upon the Reshon halacha established by Rambam. He makes efforts to explain Talmudic opinions of origination, based upon the order by which Rambam organized his halachic code. Not to follow after the way of the Goyim, it seems to me, defines the mussar mitzva of “Jewish modesty”: not to follow or copy the customs, manners, and ways that Goyim accustom their social neighborly affairs. The Rambam listed these halachot located within his legal code – Hilchos Avodat Kochavim. And therein lays the rub, what defines avoda zara? A lack of modesty. As opposed & contradicted by the worship of idols and other God(s). Of the two, which has מלכות priority? The midda of modesty learns its definition, tohor humility stands upon the יסוד, the life lived by the prophet – king Moshe. Versus the 2nd Commandment revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

    Rabbi David Bar-Hayim failed to bring the mussar commandment attached to the halachic rulings that forbade to follow the practices customs or manners – both personal and dress – of the Goyim. He likewise failed to mention the specific, yet clearly לאו דוקא Torah commandment – After the ways of Egypt or Canaan, do not follow.

    Alas the Rambam erred, his Code destroyed the פרדס kabbalah established by Rabbi Akiva and all his talmidim. Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, in his turn, also failed to discuss the 13 tohor middot revelation of the Torah sh’Baal pe – Master of Torah logic – in his amplification of the Rambam’s Halachic opinions: “his” errors doubled and compounded, “he” ripped apart the worp from its woof in the fabric of the Sha’s Bavli. “He” divorced prophetic mussar learned directly from the aggadic drosh of logic unto the T’NaCH Primary Sources which teach the kabbala of our musar masoret, known as prophecy.

    Rabbi David Bar-Hayim follows the err made by the Rambam, similar to the prophet Chaggai who taught a tuma prophecy, consequent to the domino effect error made by the Shlomo the king – who failed to listen and to heed the mussar mitzva which the prophet Natan commanded, and which king David opened his last address to another Man in this world. Chaggai links construction of the Temple as the mitzva of keeping and doing the curse included in the 2nd paragraph of kre’a shma. Natan, the prophet of king David, advised the king, of the k’vanna of thatTorah kre’a shma commandment: Justice Justice pursue but the ways and customs of the Goyim – do not follow. The construction of the Temple by king Shlomo: this erroneous action\decision…initiated the path whereby the soul of king Shlomo walks before HaShem unto all eternity; avoda zara, reliance upon wood and stone as a blessing from Heaven, results in Civil War. Herein defines the term: destiny of Temple Shlomo.

    The curse decree pronounced upon king David by Natan the prophet, this mussar passed as an eternal inheritance which king David’s sons for ever inherit – comparable to DNA – War among Brothers, also known from the evil sinister alias: “Civil War”. Civil War – – no greater plague of destruction and cruel death. King Shlomo erred, he failed to establish the rule of law through the judicial decisions reached through aFederal Sanhedrin lateral Common Law court system. The din by which king Shlomo launched his reputation of fame, that “courting” [people in dispute] came before the Court of king Shlomo – not before the lateral Common-law Sanhedrin Court.

    [Common-law courtrooms stand upon logical precedents which the opposing lawyers introduce as “legal” evidence – made by two of the three Torts Court Justices – these opposing Torts court justices argue the merits of that specific Case, before the 3rd Judge of the same Torts Court. Upon this יסוד\kabbala stand the Order of Organization of both the Small and Great Sanhedrin Capital Crime courts of law. When the opposing Justices argued pro & con “legal”, meaning: (the obligation to acquire similar yet earlier opinions made by all previous courtrooms; specifically – from all other Sanhedrin courtrooms across the country. Law by means of valid precedents successfully compares previous Case/Rule cases. The 3rd judge of a Torts court makes his ruling after reading the legal briefs and hearing the arguments of the 2 opposing judges of the court. From this sh’itta – of precedents required – the 3 Justices of the Torts court rooms determine judicial justice), earlier halachic precedents, meaning: legal rulings made by earlier\previous Case/Rule Common-law court rulings].

    The prophets teach the strong mussar commandment: justice justice pursue. From this tohor concept of mussar, Natan the prophet interpreted the k’vanna of the 2nd paragraph – acceptance of the curse obligation within the mitzva of kre’a shma. Specifically the dedication to do all mitzvot, tohor mussar middot mitztvot לשמה. Herein explains why rabbis in Judea did not have to wear distinctive garments to acknowledge their righteousness. Rather these Court Rabbis enjoy the potential to transform their lives unto the madraega/level of Baal Shem Tov\master of the Good Name – – meaning – – fear of heaven. Doing mitzvot לשמה the reputation and Good Name of Judean Jews. Doing mitzvot oblivious of what means לשמה – the slandered reputation and Bad Name whereby Goyim condemn g’lut Jews – throughout human history. This distinction learns from the opening opinion on the first Mishna of גיטין.

      1. Delightful bit of blatant racism. Obviously the religion does nothing to improve you as a human being!

      2. Measure for measure. Ya get what ya gave. Europeans viciously murdered Jews for 2000 years and more. No love lost between Yidden and scum.

      3. Speak for your self ‘pale face’. You post all these Asian temples and denounce the religion of Europe for the last 2000 years.

      4. I denounce all religion as manufactured out of the minds, fears and imagination of men. Religion is our worst invention. It creates division and hatred and merely panders to our inability to face death or the ultimate futility of existence.

      1. “There’s been a rumor that — you know, a very nice rumor — that you go outside in the sun or you have heat and it does have an effect on other viruses,” Trump said on April 24 of last year. Trump joked, as he so often did when keeping things light when possible, that essentially it would be convenient to treat the virus through using light or disinfectants, or “a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning.”

        CNN surrendered in paragraph nine of the absurd “fact check” that the then-president was “musing.” Trump was merely quizzing then-coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx during a relatively lighthearted briefing about potential treatments for what was then a novel disease which the medical community was mobilizing to fight.

        He never advocated for shooting up Clorox.

        CNN and the rest of the activist media used the non-controversy to grab headlines while a valuable conversation about enjoying the benefits of sunshine was lost in the fold.

        With the nonsense of having to add missing context to the CNN “fact check” aside, the network summarized that Trump’s comments about the sun’s rays potentially neutralizing the virus were hopeless and dumb and not to be taken seriously. The network even dragged out a doctor to push its opposition to Trump on the matter of UV rays and contagious illnesses.

        “Going out in the sun or exposing yourself to these high-intensity UV lamps is not going to protect you from Covid-19,” Dr. Megan Ranney told CNN. “I don’t want people to think that this is another miracle cure.”

        Advertisement – story continues below

        Trump merely commented on the power of UVB rays from the sun apparently relying on common sense and what he’d been hearing from the scientific community about the promise of UV light. He also said it in the context of people going outside — where you’re believed to find more relative safety from most contagious illnesses.

        UC Santa Barbara and other schools tested the light theory against simulated saliva with the viruses, and found, so far, that UV rays are a powerful force against microscopic germs — vindicating at the very least Trump’s curiosity on the matter after nearly a year.

      2. No amount of spin changes the stupidity and ignorance of Trump’s statements. I watched the entire thing. He wasn’t joking. He was talking about using hard UV and bleach inside the body – ignorance and stupidity!

      3. That’s because you are thoroughly indoctrinated Moshe. But never mind. Brainwashing can be reversed!
        Your thoughts and observations are invaluable to me!

      4. One Year After Media Mocked Trump’s ‘Sunlight’ Comments, Researchers Find It’s 8x More Effective Than Thought

      5. Don’t be daft Moshe – he wasn’t talking about sunlight. He was suggesting using hard UV inside the body to kill the virus – the emphasis on inside the body. He is an ignorant moron who can’t read and has no understanding of science.

      6. Bunk. Lies. Science relies upon empirical evidence. You only vomit your personal belief systems. Really not surprised … sooner would expect a bear to crap and wipe its ass with toilet paper than you to bring evidence which supports your stupidity.

      7. Science says don’t drink or inject bleach. Science says don’t shine harmful UV light into your body. Science says these things will kill you. Trump says a pile of ignorant shit.

      8. Nuts. Science stands upon empirical evidence. Your bloated opinionated non sense in no shape manner or form compares to science. Science bases itself upon logic – you by sharp contrast rely upon your dick whether vein to determine the weather. HaHaHa

      9. Lol Moshe – you do cheer me up!
        You mean the type of empirical evidence and logic that the ignoramus Trump dispenses telling people that you can kill the virus inside the body with disinfectant and UV?? That logic?? Plutonium probably kills the virus too. I’m surprised he didn’t suggest plutonium enemas.
        A whether vein??? An interesting concept!
        Anyway – here’s a link courtesy of John Peachey – to make you think. You’re keen on liberty aren’t you?

      10. The rag guardian spews anti-Israel fake noise. Making personal attacks against the President of the US only show your ignorance. Tell me something which i already did not know.

      11. You obviously did not know how abusive and discriminatory your government is being to the citizens of the West Bank – arrogance and racism I’d call it.

      12. More racist crap Moshe. You steal their land, treat them like animals, shoot them and then complain about the holocaust. You don’t see the irony.

      13. Your head so far up your butt all you see is shit. Had Jews lost our Independence War in 1948, like you fucked up Europeans so fervently hoped, the Arabs would have throw the Yidden into the Sea, completing the Holocaust which your pig people initiated!
        The Ottoman Turks – Muslims not Arabs. The stateless Arab refugees, post ’48 and ’67 – – Arabs not Muslims. Idiot.

      14. Now, shit for brains, just how did Jews in the 1948 Independence War “steal their land”???? Fuck your vile criminal and cowardly lies.

      15. Projectionists like you, vile cowards foist your evil ways upon other folk, its called scape goatism. Drop dead idiot.

      16. I’m sorry for trying to foist care and compassion on to you Moshe. It is obviously foreign to your culture.

      17. I’ve never denied the Holocaust, the pogroms, crusades, inquisitions, Pol Pot, Rwanda or Mao. All abominations.

      18. No – I condemn Israel for the crimes committed by Israel (continuing crimes). I condemn Britain for the crimes we have committed. I condemn religion for the crimes it has committed down the ages.
        To each according to their own.

      19. You clean up your own shit in your own country, afterwards and only afterwards will you merit respect – not before.

      20. I, like you, have very little power – but I am free to express my views.
        You seem obsessed with penis size. Do you have a problem?

      21. I am free to fart whenever i have gas, but good manners prevents me from farting in a crowded elevator. Ass Hat.

      22. “Occupied territories” – that’s revisionist history. Britain separated the Palestine Mandate territories from Trans-Jordan at the river Jordan. In 1948 when Jordan illegally occupied the land of the Palestine mandate west of the Jordan river — every country on the planet earth condemned that illegal nationalization of lands within the borders of the Palestine mandate.

      23. Today is the 26th of Nissan.

        In addition to commemorating “Yom Ha’Shoah”, today is the day when – 74 years ago – 4 Jewish heroes were hanged by the British.

      24. The British invasion of Iraq killed more Arabs in a couple of years than have Jews in all its Arab/Israeli wars combined! Idiot.

      25. OK that’s alright then. And Hitler Mao and Pol Pot killed more people than the British so the British are absolved. Nice logic!

      26. They continue to do it today with their illegal settlements.
        In 1948 the Jews fought and won. They displaced the people who lived in Palestine at the time and took over. They stole through an act of war.

      27. Jews accepted the 2 state proposition which the UN advanced. The Arabs rejected, categorically rejected, that 2 state “proposition” made by the UN! Idiot. The Arabs invaded the lands which the UN proposed should exist as the Jewish state. Then lost their war to throw the Jews into the Sea. NOW vile idiot just how did Jews steal land?

      28. Arabs invaded the land? They’d lived there for hundreds of years. They were thrown off their land and property. That’s stealing in my book.
        The 2 state solution now needs looking at again. Things have changed.

      29. Dude, knowledge just does not enter your dogmatic theological mind! The League of Nations originally established the “Palestine Mandate” based upon the Balfour Declaration. Vile revisionist Holocaust denier!

      30. Where does the silly holocaust denier bit come from? That’s very puerile. When you lose an argument you resort to silly childish name-calling.
        Yes I am aware of the Palestine Mandate.
        That’s history. We need a new agreement, a new accord and a new relationship (not based on racism, stealing more land and violence).

      31. Another attempt to control the narrative with declarations that you won this argument. More evidence of your evil revisionist history lies. In 1948 Jews and Arabs fought a war on disputed lands. Jews won that war and Arabs lost that war. Now idiot answer the question. When Jews won that war, just how did they steal land that was part of the Palestine mandate territories that no Arab government ever rule in all recorded modern history???????

        Answer the question moron!!!

      32. There was a war. The Jews seized the land and displaced people who had lived there for hundreds of years. I call that stealing. They use some silly religious text to justify seizing land that was not theirs. They continue to seize more and more through illegal settlements.
        Now I would accept that following the war where land was seized the Jews now have the right to a state and that needs recognising by all. However, the displaced Arabs who lived there need taking into account. Reparation should be made and a permanent state created in order to defuse this long-term problem of hatred, resentment and animosity. This problem will not go away. It festers. It will not be solved with this ongoing violence and racism. Repression and violence fosters hate and violence.
        You are in a cycle that you are perpetuating.
        Use your intelligence!

      33. “Jews seized the land”, BS revisionist history. Jews legally bought land and according to the League of Nations mandate Britain accepted the responsibility to assist in the re-establishment of a Jewish home within the borders of the Palestine mandated territories. Bunk on your revisionist history. The Palestine mandate established by the League of Nations did not base itself on any religious texts — more revisionist history!! “Illegal settlements” … you fail to address the above challenge: Britain separated the Balestine mandate territories from Trans-jordan (also part of the original Palestine mandated territories – by the authority of the League of Nations) at the Jordan river. The “illegal settlements” which your revisionist history claims exist within the legal borders of the Palestine mandate established by the League of Nations.

        Arabs lost their war to throw the Jews into the Sea. These displaced refugees have no more rights. Most certainly not can they expect Jews to give them what they lost through war!!! Idiot. So emphatically No. “However, the displaced Arabs who lived there need taking into account. Reparation shuld be made and a permanent state created in order to defuse this long-term problem of hatred, resentment and animosity.” Bunk. Break up Great Britain into separate countries then come and talk you vile revisionist history propagandist.

        This diplomatic issue: between Arabs and Jews has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with foreigners like yourself – butt out.

      34. You illustrate quite clearly why Israel will stay in a perpetual state of war and eventually be annihilated. You support the racist policies of denying rights to the displaced people whose lands were seized through war. By that reckoning it was OK for the Nazis to seize all Jewish property and goods through violent aggression.
        You continue to deny that the seizing of more land through illegal settlements and the atrocious treatment of the Palestinians is wrong.

      35. Like you “know” the future. Bloated self aggrandizing slob. Bus torched in more Northern Ireland horrific violence demanding that the Protestant British leave. Notice News from your own back yard you totally ignore. Vile coward.

        More of your editor and chief BS. Unsupported claims of “racist policies” BS. Never once does your trash ever attempt to define “racist” in the context of Israel’s internal domestic affairs! Ass Hat. More of your cowardly “Nazis to seize all Jewish property and goods through violent aggression” BS. You love writing Headlines to an as yet unwritten story! More “seizing of more land through illegal settlements” BS.

        Half Wit, your pretense of not understanding the British separation of the mandate territories from Trans-Jordan in the early 1920s fucks up your propaganda narrative so the great and mighty wizard of Oz simply ignores this FACT by declaring “Moshe half of what you say I do not understand”. Idiot get an education.

      36. Holocaust denier — comes from your slander wherein you belittled above the slaughter of 75% of European Jewry by barbarian Europeans sub human animals.

      37. I have never belittled such atrocities. There is no excusing such disgusting acts. Two wrongs do not make a right and previous atrocities do not justify the victims becoming the aggressors. When the roles are reversed the Jews behave like Nazis.

      38. “Two wrongs do not make a right” BS. By your perverted GAY dick stuck in butt logic, the American colonials who supported the Crown should have received their own country! Idiot the Crown lost the revolutionary war against the Americans. After the fact of their defeat, they had no power to demand BOOO from General Washington.

      39. Unlike you, am a native citizen. “Citizen” that’s clearly a term you know nothing about. By your “objective” standards illegals from Mexico and South America living in the US qualify as “citizens” and enjoy the Civil Rights protections of the Bill of Rights. HoHoHo Santa moron.

      40. All people deserve rights. The rights of citizens might rightly be greater but every visitor or illegal in my country still has rights. Only a fascist denies rights to human beings.

      41. The whole concept of “rights” dates back to Locke and Rousseau’s “Social Contract”: Principles of Political Rights, written in 1762. Mr. well educated balloon brain.

      42. Lies. YOU have no education what so ever on matters of British imperialism during WW1 and the Palestine mandate.

      43. Objective? Not by my standards. Perhaps a retard my have such a low esteem of “objective” but even that’s highly doubtful.

      44. Ignoring the questions poised above to you and pretending they were never asked … that’s revisionist history. Coward dog.

      45. Half the time Moshe you don’t make sense. You seem to live in an arrogant parallel universe where you are the victim of crimes but never commit any. Sad. It seems so full of hate and pent-up anger. Is that why you take it out on the Palestinians?

      46. More declarations, by which you attempt to control the narritive – vile revisionist history idiot. What does not make sense to you? Quote it. No. That would negate your conclusion heavy attempt to control the narrative with your repeated revisionist history crap.

        I, unlike the oint pig ie you shall bring an example of quoting what you wrote. “Is that why you take it out on the Balestinians?” Arabs cannot pronounce the letter P — idiot. You bring zero evidence on the table of how Balestinians Israelis like myself abuse. Furthermore, you so conveniently declare that you did not live when your nation committed the most vile of cowardly war crimes but insist that I am guilty of abusing stateless Arab refugees who have no country of their own.

      47. Your attitude towards the Palestinians is the root of the problem. You are derogatory and racist. The harassment and abuse of the Palestinians is there for all to see. It provokes hatred.
        It seems that the Jews only learnt from the holocaust that they should become the Nazis.

      48. Another attempt to control the narrative with conclusions which YOU determine! Fuck YOU. Arab stateless refugees have no rights. When will the 27 Arab countries grow the balls to repatriate their refugee Arab populations as did Israel repatriate the some 800,000 Jewish refugee populations expelled from Arab countries following the Arab defeat in the 1948 War to throw the Jews into the Sea?

        YOUR a nazi as were your parents vile dog.

      49. Learn your history – Jews were and are afforded equal status in many European countries – including Britain. Which is more than the Jews are doing with the Arabs they pushed out.

      50. Revisionist history. Antisemitism of the 19th century had a completely different definition to what now defines antisemitism. Napoleon brought the Age of enlightenment and freed the Jews of Western Europe from their illegal ghetto imprisonment. 19th Century Western European states struggled with enfranchisement of Jewish minorities just as blacks and women fought for and attained enfranchisement in the 20th Century. Antisemites of the 19th Century opposed Jewish enfranchisement. The Nazis re-defined antisemitism.

        Learn your own history hypocrite moron! King John expelled the Jews from England in the 13th Century and not till the Round head (Mr. Square Head) English revolution under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell did the British government permit Jews to return. The British PM Disraeli had to convert 1st to Xtianity before he could hold a seat in Parliament. You vile self righteous conceited moron – you need to learn the history of your own people… Mr. well educated.

      51. That is true – but you are being incredibly selective. In the 19th Century Jews fled to the UK from Europe because of our tolerant culture. Before the 2nd World War jew took refuge in Britain and we facilitated much transport and protection. Then we liberated the concentration camps and helped resettle Jews. Jews are completely integrated in Britain with complete freedoms. Learn your history.

      52. In the 13th Century Western Europe witnessed a huge population transfer of Jews fleeing from Western European tyranny unto Eastern Europe and Russia. In the 19th Century times changed and Jewish refugee populations fled unto England. So what! Britain knew early in 1942 about the Nazi death camps and refused to bomb the rail lines. Idiot brain dead fool.

      53. And do you know the reasoning? The war was in the balance. Churchill decided that the military targets were more important. If we had lost every last Jew in the world would have been fried.

      54. Millions of dead Arabs violently murdered by British imperialist militarism in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Dog enough of your barking.

      55. The Bill of Rights does not extend to non citizens. Prior to the French and American revolutions serfs had little or no rights. Idiot.

      56. Rights might have been limited but they still existed. We had to fight for the rights of all people. We fought against the arrogant ruling class in order to obtain our human rights. Now we all have rights. Yet the Jews deprived the people they usurped of their rights. Evil.

      57. Make up your mind. First you make Universal bull shit declarations that all people have rights and now you reverse your dumb ass stupidity on the subject and declare “limited” rights. You know nothing of Middle East history just like you have virtually no knowledge of British history Mr. well educated dumb ass.

      58. Mr. Pea brain, those Arab refugees cannot pronounce the letter P. Idiot. Jews abhor the manners and customs of European pig sub humans.

      59. Language is the result of phonetic boxes in the cerebral cortex. So what if the P sound is not present in their language so the box shuts down. The R sound is not present in the Chinese – does that make them subhuman in your eyes?? Your racism is extraordinary.
        If our manners are so abhorred why do so many Jews choose to live in Britain and the USA? Perhaps they don’t like fascism??

      60. The Chinese do not refer to themselves as Rhinese! Idiot. Not till early 1964 did the opportunist Arafat embrace the name “Palestine” you vile brain dead fool. Arabs during the British mandate period would never haver referred to themselves as “Palestinians”!!! The Palestine Mandate stands upon the Balfour Declaration of 1917. For an Arab to refer to himself as a “Palestinian” during the Mandate period 1922 -1947, they would have acknowledged as valid the Balfour Declaration! Idiot.

        So why did Arafat embrace the name of Palestine in early 1964 (In your lifetime dumb ass)?! Because Ben Gurion named the newly declared Jewish state Israel. Idiot.

      61. As the Chinese cannot hear the R sound they transfer it to the nearest other phonetic box – the W or L sound. . Fortunately for them China starts with a Ch sound that they can hear. If it started with a R sound they’d call it Wina or Lina. That is nothing to do with intelligence. It is the nature of sounds and phonetic boxes. Glad to be able to educate you Moshe.

      62. More attempts to control the narrative with your propaganda declarations: “Half the time etc.” Never once have you quoted what does not make sense to your feeble rat like mind. I hate slander – which you continually vomit! For example: “stolen lands” or “silly religious texts” etc etc etc. Vile dog, go bark at a cat in your own country.

      63. More attempts to control the narrative, “The truth hurts” BS. Idiot you have no more of a monopoly upon truth than you shape and determine British imperialism today in Northern Ireland!

      64. I did not and do not determine the situation in Northern Ireland. If I did I would unite it and everybody would live happily ever after.

      65. You bark like a Xtian priest. Those arrogant fools too, like yourself, thought that they possessed and controlled “truth”. Idiot.

      66. I wasn’t alive in 1948 so I hoped for nothing. I think the holocaust (dreamt up by extreme right-wing fascists – like yourself) was an abomination.
        The Jews did win in 1948. They set up their state. I’m fine with that. It needs to be recognised by all. No more stealing of land and reparation made to the displaced people. A happy ending.
        Instead, Israel practices discriminatory policies, steals land illegally and represses the Arab people with extreme violence. This generates hatred and violence.
        You moan about Nazis and then act like them.

  2. Idiot I was not alive when America kicked the British out of America. Fuck YOU and your cowardly denial of European criminal genocide. You did not live when the Turks slaughtered the Armenians! Fuck Head.

    “No more stealing land” idiot brain dead clown, just when did this theft occur. Fuck your conclusions which you so cowardly SKIP the premise. Moron. “Illegal settlements” in land illegally nationalized by the Jordanians in 1948!!! The entire planet earth condemned the illegal Jordanian nationalization of lands of the Jewish State. How do I know that these lands, ‘illegally’ nationalized by the Jordanians in 1948, existed as part of the old British mandated territories and not part of Trans-Jordan, which too qualified as part of the Palestine territories awarded to England by the League of Nations? B/c fool, the British separated the Palestine mandated territories from Trans-Jordan at the Jordan river. Idiot fool. STFU.

    1. It’s always good to have a rational intelligent discussion over such a delicate subject. You cheer me up Moshe and give me hope for the future. It is so good to see that the future of Israel is in such caring and compassionate hands.

      1. ‘delicate subject’, idiots like you attempt to control the narrative with revisionist history and then bitch and complain when straight people call you fags out as perverts.

      2. Is there no end to your unpleasantness? Is it cultural or learnt – or just a product of fascism?

      3. There’s no end to your attempt to pervert the narrative with your revisionist history. You love stamps of “fascism” but detest facts.

      4. I am very happy with facts and solutions. I don’t like racism, abuse, violence or fascism though.

      5. Yes, perhaps for the 1st time I totally agree. “I am very happy with facts and solutions. I don’t like racism, abuse, violence or fascism though … Stupidity.” LOL HaHaHaHa

      6. That’s good. If you don’t like racism, abuse, violence, fascism or stupidity maybe it is time for you to stop expressing it??

      7. Maybe its time for you to cease your 1 sided “racist” propaganda which spews BS about Jews stealing Arab lands. Idiot, stateless Arab refugees no more own lands than did Jews living in Europe under Church tyranny could farm land! Ass hat.

  3. No we Yidden do not “moan about Nazis” fuck head, and we most certainly do not act like you coward criminal Europeans who slander at the drop of a hat.

      1. Idiot, ever hear of the famous 3 NOs. No your dogmatism and theology ignores the obvious and mere trivialities and therefore not worthy of your pius attention.

      2. I don’t have any theology and I’m open to rational discussion. The deployment of intelligence would be nice for a change.

      3. Because it is true. The Jews stole the land through an act of war. They now need retribution to gain peace.

      4. Back to your arrogant “Jews stole the land through an act of war” buddhism mantra UMMMMMMMM BS. America stole the land from the Americans who supported the Crown in the US Independence War against the British. HaHaHa what a fool what a total moron, go step on your tiny penis.

      5. The Americans stole the land from the British who stole it from the Native Americans.
        The Normans stole Britain from the Saxons.
        All land is stolen by someone.
        The Jews stole it from the Arabs.

      6. Bunk. Ya capture land through warfare, classic human history which you in your “well educated” ignorance clearly don’t know. Ass Hat.

      7. No – you steal land. You’re justifying violence aren’t you! It’s OK if you wade in and kill people – that is unless it’s somebody else – like the British or Americans then it’s not alright!

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