Poetry – Nothing to say

Nothing to say

If you’ve got nothing to say

Why bother saying it?

If you have nowhere to go,

And nothing to do when you get there,

Why bother going?

Just filling in time.

Opher 29.5.2016

Nothing to say

I was talking to Lazy Lester a few years back and he kept telling me that he knew someone who had nowhere to go and nothing to do when he got there. He thought it was highly amusing and said it a number of times. I liked it too.

I kind of feel the same way about most of what I see in the society I’m part of.

In the midst of huge dilemmas, issues and decisions most of us are content to drift along being entertained and pretending the big issues are not of their concern.

Why is that?

Do we feel so disempowered that we are impotent in the face of politics and the big corporations?

Yet even the most powerful individuals in the world are human beings just like us – not super-beings. Their intelligence, understanding and mental processes are no different to our own. They started life as helpless babies. They are people pretending to be important.

The internet is full of trivia, celebrity nonsense and crap. TV is a mess of shallow rubbish.

I believe it is like that because that is how we want it.

Time to change.

If we have nothing to say then perhaps we should stay out of the way of the people who have?

Why clutter up the attic with superficial nonsense?

Are we living or just filling in time?

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