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The Corona Diaries – Day 373


It’s a beautiful hot day again. The car told me it was 22 degrees. Not bad for spring! If only it would stay this way. Unfortunately it is going to drop a good dozen degrees tomorrow. Might be as low as 8.

We met up with one of our sons and went for a walk along the beach culminating in fish and chips. Felt almost normal – though there were no hugs and everyone was social distancing.

Back home I’ve been doing some writing and listening to the Tom Robinson Band. Great stuff.

Out in Coronaland our lying, bungling clown has even been bungling the green project he was trilling about. He’s had to withdraw the whole scheme. Is there nothing he won’t boast about then fuck up?

We haven’t heard anything about our second jab yet. Hopefully sometime soon we will get our second jab and life will be back to normal risk level.

With this hostility with the EU certainty is a bit up in the air. We’ll see. We are relying on them. It appears that we do not have the manufacturing capacity to produce our own.

In among the chaos of Brexit we find ourselves exposed – our capacity in so many areas is insufficient. The world is increasingly one of collaboration (and a good thing too – it stops wars). We are in danger of being marginalised and badly weakened.

One of the new developments is a nasal vaccine. They think it might prove popular if tests show that it is effective.

The reason why we will never get rid of covid-19 is because the developed world will get vaccinated but it will still leave billions around in the poorer regions who will not be. They’ll act as a reservoir and breeding ground. The virus will keep mutating and coming back.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a coordinated effort to vaccinate the whole world like we managed with smallpox?

Can you see some of our loathsome leaders cooperating? I can’t!

In Brazil Bolsonaro has been denying away, then coming up with crazy cures and urging people back to work. The death rate has risen to 3000 a day. What a stupid right-wing Trump wannabe. How do these people get elected???

Stay safe – keep thinking!

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