The Corona Diaries – Day 372

The sun shone! I even took my jumper off and went out for my walk in a shirt!! It must be spring!

The birds are chirping and chirruping away, building nests and defending territory. The hedges are bursting into leaf. There is even some blossom out! We went for a long ramble and took pasties for lunch. So pleasant to sit out in the sun and look out over the countryside!

One of our red kites was sitting on a fence post as we came along. It allowed us to get quite close! They are big beautiful birds.

Back home I’ve been doing some writing – up to page 100 in my new Sci-fi novel!

I’ve also been painting gates and playing Eddie Cochran! I love my Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

We’re off to see the grandchildren next Saturday!! That’s a journey across the country! There and back all in one day! It’ll make a change to drive!

Out in Coronaland we have the same mixture of incompetence and nastiness.

The government is now having a go at travellers! It seems that travellers have to have a permit now. The fist tightens. The Nazis went for travellers too! They are becoming overconfident! They know they’ll get their bill on demonstrations through. They’ve loaded the BBC with Tories.

They are clamping down on dissent and anyone they don’t like! They don’t want the media reporting on their nefarious wrongdoing. It’s a bit like living under the Junta. Boris, the slob, has this cheery, cheeky persona behind which lurks one of the most nastiest extreme Tories. He’s a thug in clown’s clothing.

In two weeks time we open up even more – hairdressers and pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops! That’ll be good. Now I’ve had my vaccine I’ll feel safe and secure. Can’t wait for my second shot!

No travelling abroad is a pain! But they are talking of us getting a booster jab in September that will give us immunity against the variants. That should open up the world!! Can’t wait!!

I’m looking with disbelief at the ethnic minorities who are refusing the vaccine. They are nuts. They are the most vulnerable group, dying in large numbers and we have a vaccination that would protect them from dying. DUUUUHHHH!!

All this conspiracy and anti-science stuff is out of hand!!

I was talking to friends in Australia this morning. They have the same type of corrupt government with its cronyism and stupidity – but at least they got the virus response right. Anybody coming in to the country is strictly quarantined. They’ve had an outbreak in Queensland of the British variant. They instantly shut down all borders with Queensland – nobody comes in or out without quarantining. They test like mad and trace all contacts.

My friends have normal lives – hugging, playing at gigs, seeing family and friends, off camping. Their only restrictions are going abroad. If they go out of the country they have to have two weeks quarantine when they go back in. Consequently they do not have a high death-rate and their lives are normal.

A small price to pay for normality.

What a bunch of cretins we have running this country!!

Stay safe!! The sun is here!!

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