The Corona Diaries – Day 370

You can’t trust a Tory Government, can you? Last night, while I was asleep, they came around to my house and stole an hour!!

What madness this is! To mess with the whole nation’s natural sleep patterns, to mess up our biological clocks!!

We are all now jet-lagged for a couple of weeks!!

It is all because of the Scottish farmers. Instead of them having to get up early they made dawn later!! How sane is that?

So where do they store all these hours they’ve stolen? I know they’ll give ’em back in six months but they never give us any interest on them do they? A few extra hours would be nice!

It’s a bit warmer today! I’m going for my walk in a minute.

I’ve spent the morning talking to friends and doing this blog while listening to Pink Floyd. A lazy day. I haven’t even done any writing yet! Maybe later!

I do not know where all these days are going. It’s an endless stream of identical days.

Thought I’d something more to say!

Out in Coronaland we’re on the verge of loosening up lockdown. From tomorrow we can meet outside. That’ll be good! I need some stimulation, some hugs, some good discussions. I need to see people. Though heaven knows how I’m going to fit it in. I don’t have time to do the things I want to do. How am I going to fit more stuff in?

The timetable for ending lockdown is a bit silly. It can’t really be dates. It has to be numbers.

The number getting the illness is going up. But they knew it would when schools went back. It really doesn’t matter too much how many get the virus; it’s more important how many people get really ill and how many end up in hospital.

It is reassuring to see the hospital cases coming down so much along with the death-rate. That’s what I will keep my eyes on.

The effects of the vaccination are now obvious. Most of the vulnerable have been jabbed now and the effect is startling. The death-rate has plummeted. That really should be a strong message to antivaxxers.

We didn’t eradicate smallpox, polio and tuberculosis (along with many other diseases) by eating well or using some immunity enhancing herbs (or through prayer). We did it by vaccinating people.

With so many millions vaccinated and hardly any health problems it should be reassuring. The vaccine is safe!! I’m not being controlled or tracked by Bill Gates and my fertility hasn’t been affected!!

These new RNA vaccines are going to revolutionize medicine.

I think so people want us to go back to the dark ages where the life expectancy was in the thirties and every family had kids dying. We’ve come a long way.

Time to believe in science!! The Trumpists are nuts!!

Hopefully I will soon get my second dose and my life will be back to a normal risk level.

The only things that can stop the country from getting back to normal are too many people refusing the vaccine and pushing up the death-rate and hospital cases, people bring in the virus from abroad and new variants that evade the vaccine.

If the variants start to take off we’re all in trouble again.

Oh for a competent government who are on top of things instead of this bunch of clowns. I really hope they start distributing the vaccine around the world. We’ll only really be safe when everyone is jabbed and that dries up the cases and mutation rate.

Stay safe!!

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