Poetry – Democracy



a multi-headed beast with many names

Whose nutrition

Is truth.

Now an emaciated skeleton

Sustained on crumbs,

Starved of calories,

Barely alive.

Caught between spin and lies,

Tactics and cynical deceit,

In corporations

Loaded with

Political dupes,

Papers deployed

As weapons,

The truth

Is strangled to death.

Rarely a vote that counts.

Never a tabloid

Without propaganda.

Without the truth

We are denied

A choice.

With sufficient hypocrisy

And spin

You could get ordinary folk

To believe anything.

Opher – 28.3.2021

Back in the days before every man had a vote (long before women were deemed competent) they panicked. The pressure was mounting.

Only the wealthy could vote.

It was thought that once the ordinary people were given a vote the life of luxury and privilege would be snatched away. People would vote for a fairer society, a more equitable division of wealth.

There was panic in the wealthy elite.

They came up with a solution. It was called propaganda.

He who controls the media controls the truth.

Fear-mongering, lies and smear became the tools of the trade.

With sufficient hypocrisy and spin you could get ordinary folk to believe anything.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Democracy

  1. The spin is so masked you could take it as news until you become attuned to it and recognise it as subtle propaganda.

    1. They are exceedingly clever at it – but most of the time it is just blatant. They repeat the lies so often that people believe them.

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