The Corona Diaries – Day 369

It’s pretty cold in Yorkshire but I went up my hill and managed my walk. It’s been one of those days. I’ve been busy painting our new gates! I’m covered in wood stain!

I’ve been writing a bit more of my Sci-fi novel and playing a bit of rousing Dr Feelgood. So not a wasted day.

Out in Coronaland the populace are still mesmerised by our clown. No matter what a mess he makes of everything – Brexit, Covid deaths, messed up economy, cronyism – they think he’s a cheeky chappy. They’ll learn. He may come across as cheery but he’s a callous Tory who is just as arrogant and self-serving as the rest. I think there are going to be a few rude awakenings are more shit hits more fans.

How people are folled by the likes of him Trump and Bolsonaro is beyond me. They are so transparently inept, duplicitous and awlful.

In the USA the virus is going up again – 75,756 new cases yesterday with 1260 more deaths. That is terrible!

In the UK we have 6,187 new cases with another 70 deaths.

The number of new cases is going up slightly but the hospital cases are not rising an the deaths are low. I deduce the effects of the vaccination.

As we begin to open up I reckon he cases will go up. That’s OK as long as the people do not develop severe illness. As most of the vulnerable group is now vaccinated that should be the case. The only people who should get very ill are the ones who choose not to vaccinate and the small percentage for whom the vaccination is not effective.

As far as I’m concerned if people want to put their faith in holistic medicines or prayer that’s up to them. I would just point out that smallpox, polio, diphtheria, tuberculosis and a host of other diseases were not eradicated by prayer or herbs. They were controlled by vaccination.

If these people want to take the risk that’s up to them.

The North American Indian tribes who welcomed the first western pilgrims were all wiped out by western viruses. The same thing happened in South America, New Zealand and Australia. Many of them led very healthy, spiritual lifestyles but it didn’t help much, did it?

As for the RNA vaccines – more power to them. Science knows what it is doing. Forget your Trumpist bullshit. Science is real.

Science used proper trials to test the effectiveness of treatments – no quack stupidity. They found that Hydroxychloroquine, as pushed by the lunatic Trump, was totally ineffective, as was the much heralded plasma treatment but dexamethasone cut down deaths by a third. That’s science for you.

I’d put my faith in science any day – particularly over ignorant idiots like Trump.

I can’t wait for my second vaccine.

That brings me to the vaccine passport. Countries and venues want to know that the people they cater for are not going to be spreading the disease. They won’t want people who are going to be perpetuating the pandemic and could get us all locked down again.

That makes sense to me. If people feel that strongly about it then they should stay locked down while the rest of us should be free to return to normality. Once I’ve had my second jab I shall feel that my risks are back to normal. Why should I have to stay in lockdown because a selfish minority want to put themselves at risk?

When all the vulnerable are vaccinated I think we should open up. Of course a lot of antivaxxers will get ill and die but that’s their choice. If they choose to ignore science that’s their business.

A cursory glance at any family tree will show families decimated by death. Science has eliminated those deaths through good vaccination.

We’re not in the dark ages any more. Our life expectancy has gone through the ceiling.

In Brazil the death rate is still staggering – they have 84,245 new cases with 3650 deaths yesterday.

Just think of that for a moment. With Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro – the three inept populist self-servers – with have totally inept responses.

Yesterday in Brazil there was another 84,245 cases. In Vietnam there has only been 2,481 cases in the whole pandemic. Brazil has nearly 40 times that number in a single day!!!

In the UK with our (what we are calling low number) 6,187 new cases yester. That is nearly three times more in one day that eith New Zealand or Vietnam have had as a total.

That’s the difference between a good response to a pandemic and an arrogant bumbling, dithering, denying, inept response!!!

So Brazil are trying to cure the disease with a worm drug. Good luck to the idiots. Try dexamethasone instead. It’s been trialled. It’s effective.

God – we are back in the dark ages!! I remember someone asking A P Taylor, the famous historian, when the Dark Ages ended. He said we were still living them.

I think he was right. This is still the age of ignorance, stupidity and blind faith.

Give me light!!!Give me science!!!

Stay safe.

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    1. I’m knackered. The wood stain looks patchy. I think it’s the wood and nature of wood stain. I’ll do a second coat in the warm on Tuesday!! I’m knackered!!

      1. Aww I bet, you can chill out now 👌 I’m tired but that’s because I’ve done absolutely nothing all day, regretting it now though not having a very productive day

      2. I’ve just had a couple of glasses of red and I’m going to do a bit of writing before watching Indian Summer in front of the fire!

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