Starling Murmurations in Yorkshire.

The starlings are visitors fron Russia I was assured. They have come over because of the cold in Russia. I took a few videos which do not seem to have come out. It is incredible the way they wheel about and form such intricate shapes. Unfortunately it appears that I’ve missed the best. Many of the birds have already gone.

Thank you starlings for an awesome display.

6 thoughts on “Starling Murmurations in Yorkshire.

  1. The best murmuration I’ve seen was in Poole, Dorset in January 2010. There were at least four or five times as many birds as you show here. It was, no pun intended, startling.

    1. I think I missed the best. It seems a lot of the birds have already gone. A couple of weeks ago it was much more impressive – but it was still pretty good!

  2. ah, starlings….like birds, but find starlings intrusive and destructive. huge flocks used to a cluster of tall firs in our yard requring banging on pots and pans to discourage nesting. nature. lol

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