The Corona Diaries – Day 360

An overcast day with a hint of rain but it did not deter me from walking up my hill. I heard my greater spotted woodpecker hammering his drumbeat in the woods and my pair of red kites flew low over the trees.

Back home I’ve been dithering about, writing a little poetry and listening to Love’s Da Capo. I can’t seem to settle to do much today.

I think the mess the country is in with Brexit, the way the Tories are getting away with murder and this covid fiasco all rather depressing. They’ve loaded the media, have the tabloid press under their thumb, are doshing out money to their chums while cutting public services and nobody seems bothered. They are still 6% clear in the polls. That makes me fear for the intelligence or morality of the electorate.

What do they have to do for the electorate to wake up? Where is Starmer?

I simply can’t settle to do any writing. I might go and read.

Here in the UK we’re preparing to open up and come out of lockdown. That’s a worry. Although the rates have come right down they are still stubbornly at 5,758 new cases. That is a large base for the virus. It could very easily start spreading quickly is there is a lot of contact. Our pathetic T&T is nowhere on top of it. I suppose they are working on the principle that the most vulnerable are now vaccinated and safe. The NHS are no longer likely to be overwhelmed with severe cases even if the numbers of new infections go through the roof. They are throwing the antivaxxers to the wolves.

It’s the same in the USA.

In Brazil the virus is still going berserk. Cases have risen to 83,926 with 2,648 deaths yesterday. I do hope that isn’t this new variant taking off. From what I understand the vaccine doesn’t work on it. We don’t need that coming over here!!

New Zealand had no new vases and Vietnam just 7. They continue to show how it should be done. And no – it’s not just that they are off the beaten track – it’s because they used the right strategies.

The vaccine passport is already taking shape. The EU is getting a passport together. We’ll see it more and more.

The toxic relationship that Johnson has generated with the EU has already decimated our trade and ended up with us being taken to court for breaking international law, is now looking like messing our vaccination programme up. The EU is not doing well on vaccines. Their silly stance on the AstraZeneca vaccine (more political than medical) means they have millions of doses sitting in fridges rather than it arms while the virus is taking off again. Politicians are stupid. They are planning to stop us getting the vaccines through.

The red tape is putting up the cost of cheese and wine. Livestock can’t move. There are queues and checks. What a mess.

Meanwhile, our clown is trying to set up deals with China and India to plug the gap. I’m wondering what Indian wine and cheese tastes like??? I suppose that with global warming we’ll be able to produce our own.

So I’m left wondering if I’m going to get my second jab????

I can’t think why I’m feeling a bit out of salts today! I need a pick-me-up!!

Stay safe.

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