Poetry – A Question of Priorities

A Question of Priorities

There’s one percent for caring

And forty-four for war.

There’s a wall instead of sharing

And a world outside the door.

Millions for profiteering

Cuts for the poor.

Opher 18.3.2021

I am really beginning to dislike the ethos of this country. It used to be outward looking, honest and trustworthy. It used to offer refuge and a helping hand.

What we have now is a narrow-minded, insular, little Britain – inward looking and nasty.

We have a government that lies, breaks international law and is destroying cooperation and trust in the name of petty nationalism.

They promote inequality with blatant cronyism and disregard.

I despise their arrogance.

They offer 1% pay ‘rise’ to those who risk their lives while doling out millions to Tory donors who are blatant profiteers. They then propose to waste billions on a 44% increase in nuclear weapons.

They insult our friends and suck up to tyrants and despots.

They disgust me. The people who support them disgust me.

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