The Corona Diaries – Day 350

Today started wet but soon dried up. I went for an early walk. We’ve had a little uninvited guest in our kitchen. She was seemingly fond of peanut butter and so easily trapped. I took her up on to my hill to release her into a more natural environment! A pretty little field mouse!

At that has introduced something new into the ever repeating pattern of life!!

To cheer myself up I’ve been playing some Gang Of Four very loud while I’ve been editing my Harper book. On my walk I had a couple of great ideas for my Pornography Wars Sci-fi book.

Quite a productive day.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our mighty clown is receiving plaudits for the roll-out of the vaccine. Not that it was much to do with him. It is the NHS who should be receiving the credit. Our clown in chief is the idiot who failed to give the Track and Trace to the NHS in the first place, the ditherer who is responsible for 124,000 deaths. How quickly people forget!!

Why isn’t Starmer doing a better job pulling these incompetent nincompoops to pieces???

Here and in the States the rate of infection is going down. The death rate is coming down even faster. It shows the effect of the vaccination. A good number of the most vulnerable are now vaccinated. It clearly shows the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Surely any sensible antivaxxer can see how good the vaccine is?? Millions of people have been safely vaccinated without problems and it is so effective that hospital beds are freed up, people no longer need hospitalisation and far fewer are dying.

Over in Brazil with the greedy imbecile Bolsonaro the number of infections is soaring and the deaths going back up!

I hope the hold Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro to account for their moronic responses. I doubt they will. I’m losing all faith in human beings.

It’s national Women’s day today – a time when we should be shouting about the brilliance of the women leaders. In this crisis it is women leaders who have shone while macho men have been catastrophic!!

People don’t seem to understand this!! Is it our propaganda pushing media to blame? Isn’t it obvious?

Stay safe!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 350

  1. 70%. I think we’ll get close. People are stupid but they’re not That stupid. They’ll roll up their sleeves. But it’s shameful it’s even an issue.

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