Poetry – This Moment

This Moment

To give thanks for life is enough. It is not necessary to attribute a creator. To give thanks for the universe does not need to imply an intelligent force. To acknowledge the beauty and wonder does not require a supernatural force.

It is sufficient to feel it, take joy in it and exalt in the beauty, wonder and awe.

Each one of us is free to believe whatever they like.

Whatever a man or woman may believe does not detract from the ecstasy of experiencing each moment to its fullest extent.

Each moment is precious.

Life is short.

Our task is surely to maximise our experience and love, love, love.

This Moment

Through many roads and twist of fate

We come to this moment.

We are thankful

For the string of moments

We will possess.

For these moments

Are our window into the world.

It is better to experience

Than not.

It is our time

In this moment

To soak in the wonders

Until our spirits

Are saturated

With wonder.

We are thankful

To have evolved brains

That contrive consciousness

And reason,

A body that has evolved

With the ability

To realise the splendour

Of this planet.

Opher 14.3.2016

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