International Women’s Day.

More power to the women (at least most of them – Thatcher demonstrated that they’re not all good!).

I think the world might be a lot better place if we were led by women such as Jacinda Ardhern instead of populist clowns and fascists like Johnson and Trump.

More women in politics, more women in power. Yes Yes.

2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day.

  1. No Opher, this is not a gender-neutral view. It is an insult to men to have an “International Women’s Day” without a corresponding day for men.

    But in my take, both are silly. It doesn’t matter who you are (race, gender, birthplace, sexual preferences, etc.) What matters is how you behave.

    1. I agree in that it is how you behave. But I don’t agree about the day. All around the world women are oppressed. Men hold power. In order to redress this gross imbalance and injustice we need a day to make people more aware.
      I’ve been around the world and seen so much misogyny in action. I haven’t seen any misandry!
      When men are discriminated against they can have their day!

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