Chris Riddell – No Help for Heroes!

Leopards cannot change their spots and Tories cannot change their real feeligs – if you aren’t making loads of money you’re a worthless scrounger.

All money spent on public services is a drain on the economy. That money could be making even more money for very rich people!

The poor and public servants are parasites, a drain our our economy (even if they save your life!)

6 thoughts on “Chris Riddell – No Help for Heroes!

  1. It shows the shallow theatre of Tory politics, all those slogans, the public applause, the platitudes… When it comes down to it they count for nothing. What I can never wrap my head around though, is how any person can applaud the NHS yet also vote Tory.

  2. I learn from Bruce Kent (Guardian 6 March) that the govt is spending £205bn on ‘new generation’ nuclear weapons – as if the old generation weren’t damaging enough.

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