The Corona Diaries – Day 348

It is another cold overcast day in Yorkshire. I stayed in to edit my Harper book and write a few sections of my new Sci-fi novel. It was late afternoon when I took my walk and fed my adopted horse with a carrot or two. He’s come to expect it now and comes straight over to me.

I’ve been reading a bit of my Margaret Atwood book and listening to Jefferson Airplane. This evening I’ll watch a drama or two.

This is how the days of covid are passing!! Isolation isn’t so bad but it does wear you down.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I am wondering if the government gauged the mood right? Their idea of pay freezes for all the key workers and a derisory 1% for the nurses has been met with hostility. The nurses are threatening strike action. I don’t blame them.

Perhaps they should have put a stop to the bankers and CEOs receiving their multimillion-pound bonuses? Or not paid the 2300 useless Track and Trace managers a staggering £163,000 salary? The least they can do would be to put a stop to all these tax avoidance strategies!! I doubt they will. They won’t want to hit their own! They’d rather the nurses paid!

It is funny how there is huge amounts of money to splash about on the Tory cronies but when it comes to the real workers there’s nothing!

Meanwhile the infection rates, hospital cases and deaths continue to come down in the US and UK under the effects of vaccination but are surging in Brazil. It looks as if the vaccination is not effective against the Brazilian strain as a lot of people who survived the virus are going down with it again. That is not good news as the idiots have already let it into the country and their ludicrously expensive Track and Trace is not good enough.

It is now nearly five weeks since I had my first shot. I’m looking forward to the second jab and freedom!!

After that I see no reason why I can’t meet up, go to gigs and travel!! The sooner they bring in a vaccine passport and give me back my life the better!!!

Stay safe!!

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