The Corona Diaries – Day 347

The weather looked to be perking up a little but it was still cold. I decided to stay in, edit my Harper and write my new Sci-fi. This was meant to be a read through but it has turned into an edit. There are so many sentences to tweak in order to make it flow a lot better. It was Picasso who said that a work of art is never finished it is only abandoned. I’m beginning to feel like that. This editing could go on forever!

While I was working I was playing Love’s fantastic album Forever Changes. So good.

I also managed to write four pages of my new Sci-fi novel. Pornography Wars is living up to its title. I think it’s becoming a bit too raunchy. I might have to tone it down a bit. But I am enjoying it. The ideas are flowing and it is good to alternate it with the editing. It keeps everything fresh.

The saga with the switch of my power suppliers is proving difficult. I’ve been swapping telephone and email conversations. So much for one click and it’s done. They are now talking about having to wait a month and doing more meter readings. It’s nuts!! I think they try to make things difficult so that you give up on switching. All this hassle is such a waste of one’s life!!

After lunch I went for my walk and fed a carrot or two to my adopted horse. It was overcast and cold but a pleasant enough stroll. I’m looking forward to the warmth.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our cretinous leaders once more demonstrate their callousness and the true nature of their philosophy.

It appears that our key workers are essential to keep the country going through the pandemic. They can put their lives on the block day after day serving the nation, saving lives and even going that extra mile to pull Johnson himself out of the jaws of death. Their efforts can be recognised with claps and fine words but when it comes to real recognition in nthe form of hard cash that would buy them a decent standard of living they can sod off.

The bankers can get their multimillion pound bonuses. The exploiters and profiteers can stash away their ill-gotten cash in tax-free off-shore havens. The Tory Donors can stash the profits from their lucrative contracts. But the nurses, teachers, carers, till operaters, delivery staff, police, bin men and council workers must have another pay freeze so that Brexit and Covid is paid for.

The same group that went through a decade of austerity following the financial crash caused by the bankers and politicians is going to pick up the bill for this governments mishandling of the crisis.

Shame on them.

I note that twelve more cases of the deadly Brazilan variant have now been discovered. How many cases are lurking out there undetected. This whole house of cards could so easily come crashing down upon us.

The clown is in charge and we are lurching forward. Brexit is pulling the union apart. We are breaking international law again. The EU is now our enemy. Trade is a disaster. We’re drowning in red tape. Firms are going bust.

The future looks secure – not!! Stay safe.

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