Poetry – Embrace the Strange

Embrace the Strange

All around

The strange architecture

Of a different land.

The Colours, smells and language;

Customs, dress

And South American sway.

Perhaps Buenos Aires will provide the answer?

Perhaps another beer?

A glass of wine?

Or meeting of happenstance?

Whatever it may be.

Go with it.

Open the mind

And go with the flow.

If I arrive with a smile,

With eyes prepared to see,

I might find what it is I seek;

The solution

To a better way;

The adventure and

Touching of spirits.

We might break down

The barriers

And even melt

The razor wire

That separates

Our minds.

Opher 29.1.2016

Embrace the Strange

They say that travel expands the mind. That may be true for some. It may be the opposite for others. It may foster greater understanding and respect or it may merely reinforce prejudices. It depends on the attitude of all concerned.

To visit a new culture with excitement, eager to sample what it has to offer, is a positive frame of mind. To gawk as a tourist without touching its soul is exploitative.

Experience is what life has to offer. If you do not reach you cannot grow.

I am involved in the experience of tasting South America. It is such a brief taste but the flavour lingers and explodes on the palate.

We are all evolved from the same mother though her children have many hues and spirits. It is good to reconnect, no matter how briefly, and know we are siblings.

It is good to absorb the nuance of colour, light, flavour and attitude. It lifts the soul.

Distance creates stereotypes, division and hatred.

Closeness can only be good. Embrace the strange and grow.

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