Poetry – Away on a cruise

Away on a cruise

They made me an offer I could not refuse

Away on a cruise.

An opportunity to read and write

In sunshine divine.

Enough vitamin D to lift the spirits.

To visit far off lands

In the wake of the great poets.

To breathe the air

To gaze on mountains, seas, trees, creatures and birds

My eyes have never seen.

To savour the difference,

Taste the fruits

And open the mind anew.

Nothing is more exhilarating than change,

It reawakens palates,

Opens the senses to delight

And replenishes the soul.


The words tumble over each other

In a desperate attempt

To etch the impossible

Into empty spaces.

But who can tell of colours?

Sounds? Tastes?

That adequately describe

The nuance of a single moment.

Sitting in a café in Rio

With the sun and a beer

Unredeemed by the redeemer

But enjoying the sugar loaf of life.


Away on a cruise

I am not a cruising person. I find the idea quite repugnant. There is something pretentious about it – the dressing up for the Captain’s table – the pretending to be part of the elite and experiencing the five course restaurant meals. Then there is the jolly, jolly games to join in with – the deck quoits, quizzes, craft, gameshows and the evening shows and cabaret.

Not my scene at all.

But then I saw the cheap fifty five day tour to South America and looked at the ports of call; an opportunity to visit lands I would probably not ever get to, to see the wild-life and get a flavour of exotic places – and all this for a ridiculously cheap price!

Then there was the bonus of spending the whole of January and February in the warmth, under the sun, with a pool.

It sounded more and more attractive.

There would be plenty of time to read and write.

I was tempted.

It was too good an offer to refuse; two months away from the cold and mundane jobs; two months to relax and think.

So here I am – sitting in a cabin typing, writing poems and looking forward to disembarking for a look around Buenos Aires and then Montevideo the day after. Rio was great and I’m looking forward to Cape Horn and the Falklands. Whales, dolphins, seals, boobies, frigate birds and flying fish pass by.

I haven’t made any new friends but I’m rubbing along and being prolific in the bargain. I have a deep tan and a good fitness level from walking round deck, cities and parks.

I’m enjoying this cruising lark.

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