The Corona Diaries – Day 343

Today was a complete contrast to yesterday’s blue skies – overcast, cold and misty. So I walked up my hill and gave a carrot to my adopted horse. I worked on my writing, read a little and began the final read through of my Harper book.

Another busy day in lockdown.

To brighten the day up I played some James Brown.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our incompetent fools have allowed the Brazilian variant into the country and can’t even track someone who is infected!! That’s all we need!!

The vaccination programme has rolled out to 20 million now and statistical analysis shows that even with just one shot it is 80% effective at stopping people requiring hospitalisation – even with the elderly. Both Pfizer and AstraZenica seem equally effective.

It rather makes a mockery of the silly antivaxxers. For some obscure reason they would rather dance with death and a life dribbling away on a ventilator than take a shot that will save them. I think they are plainly nuts. They believe conspiracies put out by people with vested interests rather than trusting scientists. It is a sad state of affairs that we have reached. I blame it on Trump. He has undermined faith in experts and scientists to such an extent that people are prepared to die rather than trust in the vaccine.

Silly people.

Meanwhile, with the effect of the vaccine becoming evident the levels in the USA and UK continue to come down. Brazil has a bigger problem. Bolsonaro has allowed the virus levels to stay high resulting in variants.

All we need is for one of the variants to be resistant to the vaccine and establish itself and we’re back to square one!

Johnson is a fool. His slow responses have allowed the Brazilian variable in and his appointment of Dido Harding means we have a Track and Trace system that is totally ineffective (though costing 22 Billion!!). For heavens sake give it to the NHS and let the professionals do the job for a fraction of the cost!! Hasn’t the vaccination success taught us anything???

It looks like Vaccine Passports are coming in and those vaccinated will be able to visit a number of places abroad as well as venues in the UK. The price of being an antisocial antivaxxer!!

For some reason these antivaxxers seem to think it’s being rebellious to not have the jab. They see it as some heroic stand for freedom. It’s like the Trumpists and their adoption of the Confederate flag. It’s not rebellious; it’s just plain daft.

The Confederate flag stands for racism, slavery and ignorance to me – not rebellion.

Perhaps it would be better if people were rebelling against racism, exploitation and gross inequality rather than supporting a billionaire who is responsible for all those things?

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!! Stay safe!! Beware the variants!!

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