Boris Johnson’s continuing Lying.

This came through from John Peachy and makes for interesting listening. At one point in time a politician who was caught out lying instantly resigned. Not anymore.

Trump set a new standard for lying and Boris Johnson is not far behind.

One reason that people no longer trust politicians is that they just accept that they lie. Whether it’s £350 million a week on the side of a bus or ‘over-ready’ deals, we just accept that they lied. The difference is that nobody is ever accountable, they just brazenly carry on and keep repeating the lies and nobody seems to care.

What is wrong with people? Do we now just expect our politicians to be lying bastards?

‘Interestingly, your ‘Core Value 3 – Tolerance’ led me to an interview with Peter Oborne. (Ex Telegraph and ex Brexiteer).’
Peter Oborne: The Scale of Boris Johnson’s Lying is UNPRECEDENTED! – YouTube
Which reminded me of the recent article from Jon Henley on the summery of UK and Johnson by Sylvie Bermann, ex French Ambassador. (Update of the previous piece by Patrick Wintour).
‘Lying is no longer a sin’: former French ambassador on Brexit and Boris Johnson | Brexit | The Guardian

Thanks Joh n Peachy.

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